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Thursday, January 3 View Page
Five variable, 36 seed trial: Seed tray Columns: bleach or h202 or water soak Seed tray Rows: of garden soil vs seed starting mix. Result: 33/36 germinated, 1 fail in bleach/seed starting mix 1 fail in bleach/garden soil 1 fail in water/garden soil These results may or may not be significant, clearly not highly significant. The main takeaway is that the fizzing observed from the H202 seeds was clearly not harmful to the seed as they performed the best in this trial, regardless of the medium used, perfect germination (12/12). Method: warm water, 10 min, half tsp per quart bleach, half tsp. per quart, 30% h202. Seeds were weighed prior to planting. Lightweight seeds, below germination threshold, were not used. All seeds were from the same cross (407 Est).
Thursday, January 3 View Page
There's a few small things worthy of note here. There is a cucurbita plant in the lettuce which shows a severe deficiency. I don't know the exact cause. I believe with some certainty that it is ph/calcium related. I corrected with calcium towards 7.0 and the next leaf shows healthy growth and color. (I also boosted transpiration by adding a fan.) The deficiency in the older leaf has not corrected itself. I've read that sometimes the less mobile nutrients, when corrected, will improve the new growth but won't fix the deficiency symptoms in the older leaves. That seems to be the case here. Planting multiple species can give a good indication of soil nutrients/ health. Some plants show deficiencies, others will simply grow slower. Tomato sprout here is off to a slow start... I believe a sterile seedling mix with myco could give a faster start. The advantage of using my own soil is I can learn about my soil problems. The lights wilt the lettuce at full strength... I'm having to reduce the lights down. I was wrong in my posts last year the white LED is 150 real watts not 300-500, it may only be equivalent to 750 watts in halogen. Both lights together @ 12" is too much for the lettuce (1650 equivalent.). 1050-1350 seems good. They would probably also grow fine at 900. Without a laboratory with good quality testing equipment, I will instead rely on the lettuce to tell me when I've reached "full sun".
Thursday, January 3 View Page
Where I live: The mountain at the end of the glen. I want to post one more thing about the cucurbit growing in the lettuce. The soil tested very high in nitrogen, which would interfere with calcium uptake. Specifically, probably ammonium pellets. (Ammonium interferes the most.) The roots probably grew into an undissolved ammonium pellet and, I don't think they can regulate the uptake of it, so it binged on ammonium. I want to move away from pelletized fertilizers towards powders, soluble, or organic fertilizers because the root uptake from an undissolved pellet can be very high/excessive.
Thursday, January 3 View Page
One more mountain pic, and then I'll be getting serious about growing a big pumpkin.
Monday, January 7 View Page
I have been thinking a lot lately about really good soil. (That's why I am posting all over the place on bp recently... Sorry if it's excessive, there's a lot I need to figure out. There is a lot I need to get done. I'm really wanting a big improvement this year. Here, the soil in this area is protected by hay. It was not well protected in the past. This was an over-grazed & over-trodden pasture. I'm racking my brain trying to think how to turn this into a pumpkin utopia... Possibly this area will not get used at all. If I grow any large tomatoes, it will likely be here. This area is 3600 feet... but partially shaded around the edges. Fortunately I'm on the south side of the trees, they reduce the light from the sky a lot... but they block the wind nicely. I'm searching for a high and low for a eureka moment... How to deal with all the problems... How to deal with all the problems...
Monday, January 7 View Page
). There's the missing punctuation lol. Forgive all my mistakes... many more to follow. Anyhow I'm at the same elevation as mobeymike 2106 lbs and way lower than cojoe 1685.5 (is that about 2400 at sea level?)... No excuses for me. But Mr. Daletas and Mr. Holland are at about 150 ft or less so no excuses for them... Either. Wait a sec, I have a new text message from Steve. Let me check it... He says, "Willemijns was grown below sea level" Ok, well, looks like the excuses are rolling in already... Ha ha. (Why can't I joke a little...) Back to being serious. I think 1500-1600 would be a very good result for me. That's what I hope to achieve. BTW, when I was working at the fair booth someone asked if they could grow a pumpkin at their elevation. My memory is getting worse but I knew the Colorado record. I think they told me they were from Colorado. Well it hadn't occurred to them that anybody from Colorado would know such a fact, much less someone a few states away. Normal to us... Very oddball to anyone who actually is normal. If you love a sport...then you love the stats.
Thursday, January 10 View Page
Less than a week later (photo taken three days ago). Note: I posted a mistake in the recipe used for the soak. I meant 1/2 tsp. per pint not per quart. Not much else to say except that the oxygen in the H2O2 may help the seed grow. The seedling is burning stored energy, it's not creating its own energy. So during this stage, maybe it needs oxygen, just like how we need oxygen to burn energy. I haven't researched this yet though, so don't take my word for it.
Friday, January 11 View Page
Exceptionally warm weather. To not freeze on a clear night in the middle of January... Is abnormal. I may get important patch work done this weekend?
Saturday, January 12 View Page
Burned the straw off two of the patches. The ground is still very cold and wet but I am trying for an early tart. No clue what I am doing. Also spread calcium hydroxide. It can work like magic on the acid soil here. I think I have seen a real positive affect especially when there is magnesium available too. I need a plan for dealing with perennial weeds. Bindweed and blackberries, specifically. Other than that, I am ready to get some amazing results!
Saturday, January 12 View Page
By early Ssssstart!!! I mean in the ground in early March, possibly. Which is crazy. But I dont mean mid-January... Just to be clear, I AM crazy but not insane. Sorry to disappoint. But... yes, dont be surprised if I get things going here very early. It might not be the best idea for you all I can say is it's a strategy that has worked for me.
Sunday, January 13 View Page
Great weather. 60 degrees today. It could be followed by five months of cold rain, who knows. We had snow on the ground the entire month of February two years ago. This is the least amount of 'winter' I've ever seen... fall to spring, with only a couple weeks of winter? So confusing. Is winter over? Has it not yet begun? I do not know. Feels like spring... so I guess winter is over!


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