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Tuesday, May 07, 2019 G. Kins Catinthehat, WA

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Possibly the earliest set I will ever have... Not the 150 plant but can is there for scale.

Kin is before vine tip bend, pruned the main (dead ended). Trying to ensure that the flower is a dominant bud/ not too much auxin. This wont be a 2k pumpkin, the root system will be smaller with no vine burying and its directly competing with another plant. In my limited experience, under conditions of resource scarcity & space limited growing, this will actually give me a bigger result. If I was going for 2k I would probably not do it this way. I would probably follow a proven vine layout. I would probably want at least five secondary vines past the pumpkin. Here I am allowing just one. I dont like cutting the vine right at the pumpkin in I worry about splitting and rot at the cut. But dead ending at the pumpkin should work fine too. Perhaps better--because then there would be no auxin whatsoever.

There is a lot I dont understand.

Not recommending this... just sort of explaining & recording what I am doing... For better or worse.

I'd rather use a secondary than put an S bend in this main... The main is kinked upstream... Tired of explaining! From now on... just think of this diary as one big experiment... like 100 monkeys with keyboards try to write Shakespeare... I am one of those monkeys.

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