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Sunday, July 07, 2019 G. Kins Inabeehive, WA

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I'm learning new things still almost every day. And I find more queations.. This was one that I very nearly culled a plant. The plants were almost identical. I thought the first plant was a slightly larger plant in stature, but just a hair slower. I was going to pull the smaller plant which did have a slightly longer vine. Now, the smaller plant has set a pumpkin very early only about 5 ft out on the main. Its actually my largest pumpkin now. The other plant has not picked up its pace even though it has no pumpkin to support. And the smaller plant is investing substantially in a pumpkin that is huge proportional to the plant. My conclusion: I think fast vine growth is a better trait than plant size. Both plants were the same seed and there was very little noticeable difference.

The slightly faster vine growth of the smaller plant may have indicated it was the better plant despite smaller stature? The other plant has no pumpkin to slow it down. So, pumpkins don't really slow these plants down, lack of nutrients slows them down??

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