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Monday, May 06, 2019 G. Kins Inabeehive, WA

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See if this works. Ground temp 95 now should hit 105 today I think. Trying this prior to planting a cover crop of oats or rye. I hope it gets up to 120 in the next few days so some sterilization will take place.

I think Ive beaten a whole herd of horses dead ... So switching to imaginary elephants... There is an idea that everything I'm doing is wrong. Perhaps. But if you really look at what Geddes and the top growers do... Many of them just read their plant. Maybe they dont even count the number of oz or lbs of this or that they add in a season.

The idea that I cant think for myself... Or that all the top growers just follow a published recipe and get great results by that alone without following their instincts and observations... Well that notion my mind blows up and thats not cool. But... Its hot out and I am hot headed. Anyhow, I love getting criticism... but I really encourage everyone to use their head. I'm trying to use my head: If the top growers are reading their plants (and they are) then thats what I am going to (hopefully learn) to do. So I see myself as using my head and following the top growers. I pay rather close attention. Might not seem like it... I do things differently but that doesnt mean I am unaware of other more common methods.

I post a lot. I am just posting what I am doing...

If later this year my pumpkin is not higher than my tailgate, then you can read this as a what-not-to-do diary.

I am going to record a lot of what I am doing... And if it doesn't work... Then this is a what-not-to-do diary...

I like what-not-to-do diaries! They are great, too.

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