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Tuesday, August 27, 2019 G. Kins Inabeehive, WA

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I expected the round bale pumpkins to shine in August. They are not superstars but they are better than some of my others. I think the buried bale does provide a reservoir of water and nutrients but perhaps not the correct balance or quantity. No negative plant health issues attributable to the bale. The main thing I like is I dont have to water religiously. That seems to be the main difference. But there is also a positive boost in certain nutrition but its not a balanced boost the hay was grown on a very deficient pasture so maybe it is like sawdust in terms of available nutrients. The plants were not too deficient in nitrogen but other minerals and micronutrients were perhaps not plentiful. Overall the buried hay bale idea may very well be better than the burn pit idea. The burn pit idea did not do as well for me this year. It would probably work well if I thought it out more carefully. They did not like the banded fertilizer much. Its so boring to do everything by the book however I do need to respect what the plants would actually like a bit more. Anyhow I will soon have a year off to beat myself up and figure out if I really want to do all thats necessary to try to improve. Or what corners I actually cant cut, because I won't achieve the goals I have set.

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