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Saturday, April 20, 2019 G. Kins Catinthehat, WA

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If I water a plant with the water on the left, which I calculated to offset the acidity in the soil, and the water that comes out of the bottom of the pot is on the left, what happened???

Now the exact answer of course would require a real soil test to look at CEC and hydrogen. But maybe I can save the money and hassle and just say, "The soil is acidic and the peat is holding onto a large amount of acidity, because peat can do that, because it has a high CEC."

If thats a good enough answer, why spend more money.

I get the fancy test results back... and its all Chinese to me. Peat moss is a pain. And so is CEC. I think CEC stands for Chinese Costs Extra. (Chinese... Extra Cost).

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