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Sunday, May 26, 2019 G. Kins Catinthehat, WA

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Seems like March 21 is a good day to start tomatoes. All tomatoes going in today. Those that survived. I am really going to get serious about finding good starting mix next year. If I am going to spend money the product must deliver value beyond what I've been getting. Or I will create my own again. All mixes I have used are disappointing. My own mix wasnt so good either, it lacked nitrate and was too acidic and the nutrients just were not available to the plants... Very poor results. How can you buy potting mix and get worse results than garden dirt? Whats the point of a potting mix ithat can't sustain healthy plants? Why would anyone buy that garbage. I guess thats what I get for not wanting to spend $60 on the stuff the pot growers use...

Another thing that has thrown me off is, the 'store brand' miracle grow has zinc sulfate while the real stuff has chelated zinc. It analyses the same but again cheap products where quality is poor. Would it cost them 3 cents more to use chelated zinc? Even the WOW packs seem to be less potent this year. Now I am really stepping on toes... but the point is I need to stick with the things that continue to deliver value and find new ones 9 out of 10 products dont. And those that do... you lose them to trade restrictions or loss of purchasing power, or sustainability pressures.
Plenty of political fertilizer out there that I wish I could utilize. End of rant.

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