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Tuesday, March 12, 2019 G. Kins Inabeehive, WA

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Day one after being computer hacked by the imperialists... I will see if I can last longer than Venezuela or Gaza. Gaza also suffers from a lack of electricity due to an overly powerful neighbor.

Tomorrow: making emergency candles with old beeswax. These few candles wont last long. Processing it using propane as a heat source. Phone can still charge ... but in a real outage I would not be able to post we dont even have automatic generators on our cell towers out here.

All I can say so far is... I would be MAD AS HELL if I was a freedom loving Venezuelan... Its no wonder we are removing our embassy personel. If law and order falls apart that embassy is gonna get roasty-toasty. US media is backtracking and painting Guiado as less of a freak. I guess it sounded a little too CIA for him to self appoint himself president. Bing search engine says Maduro is the former president. Well thats not awkward.. lol.

Maduro is president of the Bolivaran Republic of Venezuela. And Guiado is the president of the "U.S. Colony of Venezuela." This should be interesting to see.

Its psychologically interesting... Lets see if we can rape Venezuela and get away with it. And still have our reputation of being the "land of the free and brave".

Who knows, maybe I will still grow a pumpkin... if I can get a generator to run my pump off propane economically :) Probably not. Victims of imperialism dont grow pumpkins. I think I will devote my life to something more meaningful like finding and exposing tyrants. But I will try to keep my posts relevant to "growing pumpkins during a civil war/under foreign tyranny."

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