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Tuesday, April 09, 2019 G. Kins Catinthehat, WA

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Bear with me... one more post. I am going to try to learn from past mistakes.
1) Not going to water the plants in because root rot pathogens may be active. Last year when I watered my first one of the season with warm water it was much better for the pathogens than the roots.
2) I set up a small heater blowing air rather than an artificial light. I think this will help with calcium/ transpiration and shock issues better than an artificial light. Last year shock due to cold and lack of transpiration might have been more important issue than lack of light. So then logically a fan/heater would be a better choice (and set on low maybe cost about the same).

I think I am set up pretty well to get an 800 lber to the late August fair. I wanted to grow one much bigger but it doesnt look like that is going to happen this year. I dont do everything perfect, so later I will fall behind. I will do my best to max this little bit of ground out. However, I wont be a heavy hitter this year. The goal here is two 800 lb pumpkins.

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