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Wednesday, May 01, 2019 G. Kins Inabeehive, WA

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A big focus on the 150 plant this year. I may have only one "large" plant this year... To cut down on work.

I've gotten ok results in the past. This is the latest plan. I can build this design entirely out of 6 ft fence boards so it makes my effort simple. I seem to get a boost when removing the apical dominance so dead-ending the main will be part of the plan. I feel confident in setting a flower on a strong secondary as a backup, if needed.

Probably-- I will pollinate and dead end the main at the same time. Not sure. Reduction of auxins is the goal. If done right, I think it can give a 10% boost.

For full size plants I have theorized that temporarily shading the vine tips would reduce auxins but still allow a full sized plant. The auxin reducing affect would peak about 2-3 days after shading them? The most critical pumpkin cell division probably takes place in the first week or two? After that, then I would push the plant again with full sun.

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