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Monday, June 10, 2019 G. Kins Catinthehat, WA

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Abort on the May 18th pollination. I am attributing it to weather. It stopped growing during the last bad weather. It probably would have made it if I was not adding fertilizer. Fertilizer plus bad weather... Probably threw the calcium off or stressed the roots. Oh well.

The May 15th pollination is going ok growth should improve now.

Glad I was able to prove an early plant and pollination is possible here & it was with relatively minimal inputs:
Certainly nothing fancy... A drafty plastic shack with a small heater set on low. Used two t-posts and a bunch of junk laid on the outer plastic keeping it taught. An early start was the number one goal for me this year.

The only unknown I have remaining about getting an early start is if the pumpkin itself should be more pampered or left alone. I could have put a heater or blanket or something out to assist the little pumpkins... but did not know if it would help so I did not do any such pampering. I occasionally did use a grow light though near the pumpkin. But its just 90 watts I think. Hopefully that info is worth something, to someone?

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