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Sunday, January 20, 2019 G. Kins Catinthehat, WA

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The pumpkins at the bottom show good stages for transplanting... The scissors are for scale.

Middle: The half gallon pot (although this might be called a gallon by some nurseries) is about 6" wide by 7 or so deep. I like these, but the roots are at the bottom at the 1st leaf stage. It's a good size to use though.

Left: this is a 9" pot x 9" tall or so I would say about 2 gallons the nurseries might call it 2.5 gallons. In this one, multiple roots have reached the bottom edge by 2nd leaf stage. In other words, neither of these plants is root bound yet. Unfortunately, for the rootball to not break apart, they do need to be a little bit root bound. But other than that, now would be an optimal time to transplant these two.

Right: Well this is the one in the paper grocery sack, and it has a huge amount of soil so I will let it get to 3 leaves before checking the root development. I think that @ 3-4 leaves it will show moderate rooting throughout its soil, extending to the bottom edges of the bag. ...So this setup might give the plant another week of growth. I'm pretty excited about this. A very early start with a very big plant... I would really like to reach the podium at the late summer fair, again.

Will an early grow, with a big plant, make a good result?

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