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Friday, May 17, 2019 G. Kins Catinthehat, WA

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One male for the next pollination set for tomorrow. Will be running a heater on low to dry the flower off a bit. Its covered, and sealed closed.

Discovered at least one mole turning the root zone into swiss cheese. I again noticed the plants just didnt look right... Set the traps. Less than an hour later, I had my first catch. Other than the weather being crummy at times things are going great... Dusted all the plants with sulfer because they have been wet for over 24 hours. I use and electric leaf blower and blow a cloud of sulfer on vines its not something you want to dust onto yourself. Same thing with diatomaceous earth... Hopefully I dont give myself cancer. Safe to injest I think but maybe not great to inhale. Idk. Many foods have sulfer and the diatomaceous earth is food grade. Probably means it doesnt works as well against bugs but oh well... it was not exceedingly expensive.

Trying a fertilizer spike on 'em. Plants are growing well so that means I need to try some new ideas. And risk messing them up. But it well balanced fertilizer. It might be just the boost they need.

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