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Thursday, January 7 View Page
Off to a fantastic start here too.
Friday, January 8 View Page
That was an attempt at humor. Maybe it flopped... idk. This tree looked unusual but I couldnt figure out what it was until I got closer. Turns out it's got a very heavy crop of crab apples all still hanging in the tree from last year. I noticed one other tree like this. Very good pollination of the apple trees last year.
Friday, January 8 View Page
The cilantro project was a success. Just keeping them cool so the dont bolt too fast. The indoor spinach bolted very fast. The kale did better than expected but its redundant to grow it indoors when it grows just fine outdoors.
Saturday, January 9 View Page
When I say I value freedom, I MEAN MY OWN freedom not yours."
Saturday, January 9 View Page
It's hard to appreciate how much harder 3000 is vs 300 or 5000 vs 500. I did this 3000 one as teenager. The sky was almost impossible. I think it took 200-300 hours but I wasnt keeping track exactly. Wixom your dirt is gonna be 60 degrees by the time you finish that one.
Thursday, January 14 View Page
Was wondering what species of tree has such dark/black bark. Anyone know? Hint: I am in California.
Thursday, January 14 View Page
More hot dogs.
Friday, January 15 View Page
Portland. Portland was not a beautiful city to begin with. Notice the ladder.
Friday, January 15 View Page
Part of the solution has been to limb up all trees so that the "problem" cant hide in the bushes. Wish granted... the problem is not hiding in the bushes anymore.
Friday, January 15 View Page
No comment.
Friday, January 15 View Page
A tidy public dwelling. A little too tidy? If these dwellings were allowed to be too nice and comfortable the people paying rent in the neighborhood would start to feel envious??? I assume greed and envy have played a role in creating a permanent ecomomic aparthied. More economic freedom, a little less capitalism? I think Bidens plan to raise the minimum wage is good on the surface but it underneath that, it will really only reduce employment and speed up the capitalist's conversion to automation. I dont think capitalism made America great. Equality, economic freedom, justice, and lack of tyranny is what made America great.
Sunday, January 17 View Page
Enough with the political crap. Its time to grow... pumpkins. Testing my homemade potting soil vs standard "M---cle Grow" products purchased at Walmart. Six Atlantic Giant seeds in each pot here. The moisture was about the same but my mix was just slightly heavier because it contains some real dirt. (My mix was about 40% garden dirt 60% composted fir needles. I added some lime and diluted liquid plant food. For the lime I probably should have used Dolopril but I used Calpril. Nothing scientific here... just my usual garden-monkey-nonsense!) The deli container lids are an easy way to keep the soil close to the right moisture without watering during the germination. I suppose carefully watering just around the outside of the pot wouldnt rot the cots but really there is nothing easier than setting these deli lids on the pots. They fit just right. They wont stop the pumpkin from sprouting up. They only keep the soil from drying too much. I did not presoak these seeds so they do need to absorb enough moisture from the soil to be able to sprout.
Monday, January 18 View Page
First spring blossom. Warmest winter I've seen... Its far from over, but I feel like we are a full month ahead of normal.
Tuesday, January 19 View Page
This wont offend anyone.
Wednesday, January 20 View Page
Happy Inauguration Day! (Or unhappy. Whichever...) Congrats on the puzzle wixom.
Wednesday, January 20 View Page
Rising out of the err swamp *ahem* the wet dirt... we have new life. Awwww. Love the deli container lids they worked perfectly.
Wednesday, January 20 View Page
My alter ego is now reporting LIVE from Washongton DC: "The stench out here is fantastic! "
Wednesday, January 20 View Page
I spread some calpril and about 40 lbs of feather meal over 2000 sq ft. I think it will be smart to get the organics fully decomposed before planting. I want the nitrogen to be there. It will take a few months to fully decompose. I think I should wait until march to spread chemical fertilizer. We probably still have two more feet of rain on the way. Plus it sublimates. Thats more nutrients than I want to lose. I should have waited until midsummer to use the Calpril.
Wednesday, January 20 View Page
"Doh! I forgot my mask!" Yeahhh Shhh Utup Kermit.... We dont want get kicked off bp.
Thursday, January 21 View Page
Left to right: 1-- Miracle grow regular potting mix 6/6 (including a triple cot!) 2-- My mix 5/6. 1 not rotten but did not germinate. 3-- My mix 3/6. 1 slow/struggling, 2 rotten. 4-- Miracle grow "moisture control" 2/6. 2 slow/struggling, 2 not rotten but did not germinate. I will continue to grow these to see if there are any further differences in health and vigor. There's two ways to look at this: one is that you can baby your plant with a good sterile potting mix and "keep it away from the real world" as long as possible so it doesnt get sick from pathogens in your soil. The other is, maybe its best to throw a half dozen seeds in and see which will tolerate the pathogens in the soil. The tough love route... see early on which seed has "the right stuff" in it to make it in your patch. Pumpkin parenting. Hmm. Which route is best?
Friday, January 22 View Page
More notes on my silly little potting mix trial: So, I don't know what happened with the "moisture control" potting mix. I don't why it underperformed. I want to note here that the seeds were a few years old and they were not presoaked. No special tricks or assistance so I was not expecting to get perfect germination. 6/6 using their regular product was a lovely surprise. I think presoaking in some dilute H202 would have helped get better results overall.
Saturday, January 23 View Page
I lost track but there are six or seven blooming now. (Snow in the forcast though.) Ps rotten pumpkin might be a great food source for those interested in growing worms. AG may be perfect a food for white worms/pot worms especially if cut into thin pieces and frozen until needed? Could grow a lot of worms. I will say no more and not post any pictures!!!
Sunday, January 24 View Page
Practice plants... because we both need practice!!! She really enjoys cutting things and today was the first day she really got the whole two hands hold-and-cut technique right. I am a proud dad...
Wednesday, January 27 View Page
Two are certainly looking unwell. Closer onspection shows they have both been vhewed on by bug(s). I think the culprits are chewing the roots of these two plants also. But the third plant looks great, apparently they are leaving it alone. So is this survival-of-the-fittest genetics here or just random bad luck? I can eliminate the pests by freezing the soil... but then would I also eliminate valuable info about which of the three was actually the best plant? The "non-sterile soil method" has revealed that probably only one of these was a good choice planting in the garden.
Wednesday, January 27 View Page
Edit to previous post: "Closer inspection shows they have both been chewed on by bug(s)." Its difficult to see here but there was a lot of "dampening off" of the sprouts in this tray. I've always believed dampening off was caused by a fungus but THIS dampening off I am pretty sure was caused almost exclusively by soil invertebrates. When the plants are this young, it takes only one bug bite out of their taproot to doom them because they pretty much have only one root at this stage. I didnt freeze-sterilize this soil. I usually get great results with freeze sterilization. After this picture was taken I dug the dirt out of this tray and I did all the usual suspects crawling around. About 5 species of dirt dwellers. I am not sure which ones do the most damage but they all got tossed outside and replaced by a deep-frozen tray. Starting over! I dont know what temperature my freezer is set at but it works... The soil critters dont survive.


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