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Monday, April 19, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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A couple ideas... one is that a shallow root system would adapt better to spring weather. I dug into the hill where the pumpkin was planted and saw new root growth 3-4 inches deep but not any deeper. So the deeper roots are not at the correct temp, or the ground doesnt dry out, or it's just too anaerobic this time of year. So the idea I'm thinking of is to layer first a sturdy tarp or mat that could be lifted, then a mat of plastic about 2 ft x 3 ft with perforations in an X shape directly under the plant, (to make it easy to tear out from under when planting) then multiple paper bag (newspaper?) layers to give a structure to the mat of soil but quckly degrade thereafter and let roots and water through, and cover it all with dirt about 4" deep. This would be 2 cubic feet of dirt and would require two people to lift. Perhaps pre-forming everything to a hammock shape or some 1/4 inch plywood would be part of the process.

Really sounding crazy now but I will understand what I meant. Gotta write it down now. It wont make sense to you until I do it next year & post pics.

The point is, to put all the roots in the zone where they can actually grow so that the plant doesnt effectively lose 80% of its roots. This is a big part of what could make ultra early planting successful. I've seen lots of success using heating cables but I have to try this alternative method next year, just to show you all something you've never seen before. It sounds like a bunch of nonsense but you'll see it actually work. Next year :)

My other ideas will have to wait I need to go to bed.

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