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Sunday, January 17, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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Enough with the political crap. Its time to grow... pumpkins. Testing my homemade potting soil vs standard "M---cle Grow" products purchased at Walmart. Six Atlantic Giant seeds in each pot here. The moisture was about the same but my mix was just slightly heavier because it contains some real dirt. (My mix was about 40% garden dirt 60% composted fir needles. I added some lime and diluted liquid plant food. For the lime I probably should have used Dolopril but I used Calpril. Nothing scientific here... just my usual garden-monkey-nonsense!)

The deli container lids are an easy way to keep the soil close to the right moisture without watering during the germination. I suppose carefully watering just around the outside of the pot wouldnt rot the cots but really there is nothing easier than setting these deli lids on the pots. They fit just right. They wont stop the pumpkin from sprouting up. They only keep the soil from drying too much. I did not presoak these seeds so they do need to absorb enough moisture from the soil to be able to sprout.

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