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Tuesday, October 12, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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Mix of sweet and non sweet corn. Ive never seen this, but I did grow the two side by side.
I didnt realize I'd be able to sort the genetics back out later but looks possible because I guess the sweet corn shrivels because its sugar and water mostly, its supposed to have less starch/lignin that the other Indian? corn contains.

The pumpkin seeds from the mid-August pollination were no good. They needed a couple more weeks of warm weather.

So after all the consideration and planning that went into my seed selections, the only seed I may end up saving this year is my 113 Gerry x self cross. It weighed 344 UOW.

I'm thoroughly happy with how the year went the only disappointment was I didnt grow a heavy pumpkin. Since I've had so much fun this year, my failure to grow a heavy pumpkin seems quite trivial.
Well... there's always next year.

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