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Saturday, August 14, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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I'm trying some new things. The phyto problem has me wanting to separate heat & moisture. Apparently it replicates/spreads better above 59 degrees. I watered early this am with 51 degree water and it was 57 or so outside. So if that water soaks in and dissipates by the time the ground temps edge back up, maybe I've closed the window on phytophthora. Also I've switched heat stress refuction to applying a minimal film of water on the leaves using the coldest water possible. Trying to avoid having moisture together with heat.

But I think the downside of this is the plant knows its roots are a bit dry and it fails to open the stomata fully, or as quickly.

So I'm going to try misting the plant in the evening which will hopefully trick it into opening the stomata wide open all night long.

I dont have great control of CO2 but I do have some control over the stomata. I really think this will gain me an extra 10-15% or so.

Normally I would want the leaves dry but I think the boost in efficiency is worth it. If I time it right, I can probably get the stomata open earlier in the evening AND the leaves dry by nightfall.

If the photoassimilates depend on getting created and transported in a certain time frame, the earlier you start that clock then the farther they can travel in the plant, and the more that can reach the pumpkin before the next cycle begins. I think this makes sense. I think this is the way to go.

If you get an early evening thunderstorm why do the plants go bonkers? Is it the ph adjustment of the rainwater, the atmospheric nitrogen, the negative charge/electron boost, or just that the stomata open earlier and double the CO2 intake vs normal dry weather.

Maybe I can recreate those conditions where the plants go bonkers.

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