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Thursday, August 05, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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Might get planted if it rains. 6 weeks with no rain but it's in the forecast.

We get good gains in August as things dry out and soil temps get above 60. I wonder if high soil temps might be part of my phyto problem though... I havent exactly been tracking the soil temps. More likely its 1) contaminated well water 2) excessive duration 3) uneven application 4) contaminated mulch

I've had it in three spots. Another factor that ties it all together is this... all three spots are closest to the same large cherry tree. The cherry tree is healthy but I wonder if its roots are serving as a host. If so then eliminating tree root hosting of the disease could help.

There are also turgor issues and heat stress issues. I'd like to monitor the plant's leaf temperatures during the day AND the soil temperature.

I can use a systemic treatment (a phosphous acid one like TKO). But I'd like to understand & solve the underlying problem not just treat the problem.

Gains are unimpressive... will have 50 DAP #s on Friday. I think it's probably dropped down to 10-12 lbs per day. Perhaps less.

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