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Thursday, March 18, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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What the heck I will just say my plan is too boost ammonium during the earliest bud formation (use bloom booster because it is almost entirely ammonium). The reasoning is that this will inhibit calcium and (perhaps in combination with low zinc?) cause the buds to not separate fully... And perhaps most importantly I will keep the under a semi stress of low temps ideally 60/40 to 70/50? I dont really want to stress the plants but I do briefly want to cause the blossoms to aggregate I'm not sure when this is timing wise. My guess would be at the first visible appearance of the third, fourth or maybe fifth leaf, the cells for the first bloom may be dividing although minuscule (microscopic)... my guess is this is when the blossom shape could be influenced.
Once the blossom is visible its far too late to influence the shape. I can then switch to higher calcium & avoid the nitrogen (ammonium anyhow) because in a couple weeks it will be critical that the bud not abort. Enough about that... My own theories which should not be taken seriously until after I grow a monster tomato.
I dont know why the bloom booster has ammonium maybe it's meant for a much different kind of megabloom.

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