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Tuesday, June 15, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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I watched mobeymikes YouTube video and he has some interesting (and good) logic about removing secondaries that are lagging because of a bad connection. I think he might agree that in this case the shorter secondary isnt really lagging it's actually normal. The secondary in front of it is exceptional because the plant tried to produce a fruit there. And this often seems to create a "super secondary" that is stronger than the rest. In other words, the nodes that had female blossoms tend to send out extra strong secondaries. It seems like if a grower lost their main, one of these extra strong secondaries would be a good place to set a pumpkin. Anyhow, I wont be culling the slower secondary behind this extra strong secondary. As far as I can tell the slower secondary here is really just an ordinary secondary that's being made to look like a dwarf by the extra strong "female node" secondary in front of it. Just thought it was worth digging down a bit deeper into this debate.

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