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Friday, January 29, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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One last picture of the cilantro and green onions which were a such a success. All of this cilantro was planted from the seed saved from just one or two plants last year. Considering that the heat from the LED's is also warming my house, I think this basically costs me nothing... It would be nice to run enough LED's during the winter to heat the entire house? I dont have a basement but I think it would be one big garden if I did.

With the cilantro I am leaving the stems because I think they can continue to photosynthesize and they are a reservoir of nutrients and energy for the plants to use to push more new leaves up. So I only decapitate just the leaves from the stems. There are so many stems I think the tray would still be completely green even if I cut every leaf off. The plants would be able to recover by using their stems as leaves. Whereas if I did cut all the stems then they would have much less ability to recover. I think the same thing is true in pumpkins. Their leaf stalks are a reservoir of evergy and nutrients.

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