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Sunday, May 02, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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A couple things have gone ok. First I got a pickup load of very old horse manure. It was mostly sawdust which could be bad but its aged enough it's not killing the seedlings. Its looking like it could be a viable substitute for the peat moss based starting mixes.

Second, I trimmed the 2174 Daletas way back. It was possibly the best plant but it was getting too big in the wrong direction. I left enough of it to use it as a pollinator. Long story short what I may do is get an early tissue test. The problem with this is the patch is not evenly amended so the data will be of minimal use but the concept is great... tissue test a plant that you cull to get an early reading on your patch... you cant exactly tissue test any other way this early... it would remove too much of the plant to test the keeper at this stage of the game.
Some nutrients affected by cool temps and transpiration so that would have to be taken into account. Other than that, it could give an extra month to tweak the nutrients in the right direction.
One more thing I started a bunch of seeds the most relevant ones would be some field kins, a couple marrows. 62 Chandler and 53.6 Schlafke. Field kins were 100# Daletas 2016 and 129.5 lb. Daletas also 16.5 Peine.
....And a couple of agteacher's cool oddballs from the seed exchange. The 42" pepo and the green warty pumpkin. Imagine if I crossed those. Strange new things that I hope will turn out well.

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