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Tuesday, June 01, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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Tissue test results... Now calcium is fairly low here oddly magnesium is not low and nitrogen is not high. So overall what was causing the split leaves? I think since I noticed the leaf splits after they happened (not as they happened) the nutrients (calcium) may have been lower on that day. The fact that boron is low isnt helping the calcium. I'm surprised manganese is low because I thought I overdosed them and burned the leaves with it.

The only thing I 100% correctly guessed was low phosphorous. Most of my male blossoms were impotent on this plant. I guess because of the low phosphorous and micronutrients.

I'm not going to apply much nitrogen I think that was a cold weather fluke I think there is plenty. Glad nothing is terribly in excess.
Easier to add than remove!

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