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Thursday, May 06, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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113 Gerry is in, for a potentially orange H.D. winner? However, my state and the state below me both need to go to the shrink for covid psychosis! Can we get back to normal...?
...Please? As long as someone is making $$$ billions off of all this nonsense we can just kiss normal goodbye! The only person I heard of who died "of covid" really died of a blood clot associated with being put on a ventillator. Did I just tell the truth?
F acebook & co., are going to protect their
Big pharma advertising dollars and send me off to "Digital Siberia!" Boo hoo!!!

In other news, the "compost heater" did work. These quacky ideas, you never know until you try them. But I would say the black barrel put off heat for about a week. I didnt measure it but it was decent amount of heat probably 400 watts at the peak??? It may have raised the temperature in the hut by 5 degrees or so. So it wasnt huge, but it wasnt nothing. The main problem is there isnt much in the way of grass clippings available in March. So April might be the only month this trick would be useful. Idk... but it worked well enough I will try it again next year. Maybe the compost heat is better for the environment than burning coal to make electric heat...

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