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Monday, May 17, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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1927.5 Daletas (left) and the 1810 Bernstrom which has always been smaller.

I couldnt ask for a better plant than the 1927.5... but I want to see what colors show on the pumpkins they both should bloom in a week. I can look for trace streaks of canary yellow at the stem edge to guess if they may be orange. I was thinking the Bernstrom would be a better color than the Daletas. But if the Daletas keeps going really great like this, then I certainly wont complain about whatever the color will be.

Also going to try a Dahlia/potato companion planting. I already know there are some possible issues (like stepping on the potato vines to cut the dahlia flowers, and not harvesting the potatoes early) but there may be some compatibility in the ground prep and giving the potatoes just a little shade. As far as ground prep I actually do want to till the ground, to level it and obliterate some old mole tunnels. This is a bit unorthodox for me because no-till (for example, with corn and pumpkins) has given me noticeably better results.

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