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Sunday, April 11, 2021 Gritty Walmart

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Summary of some mistakes I have made this year.

First was pot knats. I brought in some plants without freezing the dirt first and this got the little knats going. I should have kept my house sterile. They did a lot of damage they spread disease readily I think these bugs are designed to spread disease so that their grubs can feast on freshly dead roots.

2nd is the ultra early plant which could still recover but I think I will pull it. I didnt do much patch prep here. It was all good for a few days but not only was the ground too cold but the plant also got cooked when the heater didnt shut off. I thought this heater shut off at 90-100 but it was a out 120 degrees in there this morning.

So that brings me to my last mistake which has been to trust weather.com at all. Their forecasts have been very lousy this year. They said 20 or 21 degrees last night and it was 29. So putting five layers of plastic on was silly or just plain stupid.

But I'm using a different method of heating the Daletas plants and the look good. In previous years the air heat worked great but the shape (teepee) and size of the plastic tent was different and I used only one layer of plastic. That was a much better approach for using an air heater that wont shut off, apparently.

Anyhow... I've done some things right, too. But I will save those for another day. Lots to do today!

If you plant early this is what can happen!

Ps... Started a 1068.5 Theil squash not sure where it will get planted but it is one that I want to grow so we'll see...

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