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Wednesday, January 2 View Page
1st to sprout..6.32 Megamutt. Now the fun begins. There are still more growers starting. Looks like we will have a competition this winter.
Friday, January 4 View Page
Zowie sent me a picture of his first tomato. He didnt have a scale for it but it measured 16 inches for an estimated weight of 1.5 pounds. He has a bigger one coming, and is saying he will have a scale then. I could always bring mine if he needs it. Go Zowie, great start for the giants.
Saturday, January 5 View Page
13 inch cc so far on this delicious set. This was meant to be a breeder plant. Its partner is only cot leaves right now. Might have to get creative to keep the plant shorter than the ceiling and still producing blossoms for the next month.
Wednesday, January 9 View Page
1 1/2 year old bell pepper plant. This is I think the 5th round for fruit. I have picked of all other blossoms except for this one. I like the shape that it shows, longer than the majority that this plant has put out so far. What I donít like,is it is towards the top of the plant. Small vine to feed it.
Wednesday, January 9 View Page
I hope a nice shaped pepper will show up on this new lower growth. That would be an ideal situation.With a tree trunk superhighway for nutrients to the fruit, it might get big. I am wondering how many years I can keep this plant going.
Sunday, January 13 View Page
My hydro plants are a little bit behind last year. I am hoping to have a set before the middle of Febuary. Using a full 2 inch rockwool cube has slowed down how fast the roots reach the nutrient solution.
Sunday, January 13 View Page
At least the roots have reached nutrients now. Growth will be much faster now.
Sunday, January 13 View Page
My soil tomato keeps growing but slowly. At about 15 inches now. Not going to be my winter pb.
Wednesday, January 16 View Page
Roots are coming fast. This is from seed from my 5.08 grown from the 4.38. Getting ready to time the nutrient overdose of P and K. I am thinking in the next week should push for the formation of a super mega or kill the plant trying. I havent had the chance to concentrate on the plants this winter..wait till next. Hope Dan S can get back into the winter grow. I so much want to beat his numbers under the lights.
Friday, January 18 View Page
6.32 Megamutt in hydro. The first blossom is forming. Right on time..about 3 weeks from seed start. After seeing the blossom, I slightly raised the P & K. With the calcium in the tank the EC now is about 1.9 and ph is at 6.0 . Plant is too small to go beyond this.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
I was bored today so stopped by Ecogarden. Zowie gave me a picture of his first indoor tomato to get on the scale. It weighed 1.88 pounds. It will be up to Hayden but I think might be the first entry for this years winter grow.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
Did I say I was bored. Going to a grow store when you are bored is somewhat like going to a grocery store when you are hungry. At least I did not spend too much. Is January 19th too late to start for this years winter challenge? I am going to find out.
Saturday, January 19 View Page
Soaking 5 seeds from my 4.80 which was of variety Wixom Slammer. Someone tell me what F number I am at. The genetic line is original wixom slammer-3.77(my best of 2016)-3.02 ( grown in a pot on a shady deck)-4.80 in 2018. Does that make the 4.80 an F4? If things go as planned, will be able to get 30 days of fruit growth before deadline. Maybe should raise the temp in the grow room a few more degrees?
Sunday, January 20 View Page
Looks like I did not exceed the 6.32 plantís tolerance with the first nutrient boost. I think this is definitely a first truss mega even though it is only 1/8 inch wide. It might even be a ribbon. Stem is nearly as wide as the blossom. Yesterday I had a good conversation about the balance between light intensity, temperature and nutrient levels. Indoors all three are controllable including light levels stonger than sunshine. At 80 degrees I can run at 600 uMols of light vs Zowie that was burning his leaves at 500 uMols at 68 degrees. Going to raise the P & K levels up a bit more. Plant looks like it is still in balance.
Sunday, January 20 View Page
Not ignoring the 5.08. It is showing the bud bump about 3 days after the megamutt. Going a bit more excessive in the nutrient additions. Will be changing 12% of the reservoir at 4.0 EC daily to every other day until I see very negative reaction. I still have another DWC hydro plant that might be treated nice. Have to get one to the finish line.
Wednesday, January 23 View Page
Tonight, I cut off the delicious tomato in soil. This is one of the ugliest tomatoes I have ever grown. It weighed 1.51 pounds. Hoping for better from the hydro plants. I am 1 pound under my winter pb.
Sunday, January 27 View Page
This nutrient solution is obviously not ideal. Probably will pull the plant soon.
Sunday, January 27 View Page
This one looks much better. I am guessing that is a double that should be opening in the next week. This will probably be my best of the winter.
Sunday, January 27 View Page
Here are the two plants side by side. If i did not know that they were from the same seed, I would be convinced that they are two different varieties. Texture of the leaves, nodal spacing etc are very different. I may keep the smaller..it looks like it has a double forming.
Sunday, January 27 View Page
My newest hydro setup is assembled. It consists of a 6 inch cube of rockwool that drains into a 2x2 flood table.The solution then returns to a 10 gallon reservoir. i set the timer for 55 minutes off, 5 minutes on. I donít know how close this cycle is to what the plant wants. Will play with adjusting later.
Monday, February 4 View Page
Surgery is done on the Brutus Magnum. I have plenty of Delicious pollen. I am thinking it is about 2-3 days before the blossom is ready for the pollen,but just in case, I will be transfering it everday now until I know it has set or aborted.
Monday, February 4 View Page
In addition to supplying pollen for my planned cross, this delicious plant has set another mega. How many days left until 1st day of spring?
Saturday, February 9 View Page
Obviously. I do not know what I am doing growing in rockwool. I started it at five minute drench per hour. Should be good, same oxygen level as DWC. Nah, leaves turned very purple. Changed it to 10 minutes every 6 hours..less purple but still Vikings proud. New time, 15 minutes every 12 hours. Will update in a few days.
Saturday, February 9 View Page
Hydro megamutt, starting to show itís potential. It has passed the delicious even though a few days younger. Not enough fused sections for me to get excited about but should finish reasonably for the winter challenge.
Tuesday, February 12 View Page
Indoor bell pepper is starting to change colors. This should break my indoor pb by far. Next winter I think will transplant it from a 15 gallon pot to a 40 gallon pot.
Sunday, February 17 View Page
With about a month to go in the winter competition I am going to take a risk. I have this tomato that is right now about a pound. I am thinking with the big voids it will go light. It is getting culled.
Sunday, February 17 View Page
My final winter tomato will be this one or the blossom next truss up that should be setting in about a day. Every truss of this plant has had one or more mega on this 6.32 megamutt. Need to get some seeds to see what it can do in real sunshine.
Friday, February 22 View Page
It has been a struggle but the third blossom to open might be a success. The first DelBrut is getting bigger. Hope it will avoid BER. The varieties look so different in foliage that I am really curious what this F1 will look like.
Saturday, February 23 View Page
5th truss in a row with a fused blossom on my 6.32 hydro. This one I am guessing will be a quad. It is as fat as it is long. My other 6.32 is not showing the same potential. Low F numbers..need to find the best.
Sunday, February 24 View Page
This is the 7th megablossom on the 6.32 in hydro. Some trusses had two. When I can grow outside again, seeds from this plant will see dirt. I have finally started to package my seeds from last season. As some of you know, I have been preoccupied with something else. I have emails going back to October to fill. I promise to get them all out before the end of March. Please be patient.
Monday, February 25 View Page
23 days to go in the winter competition. I still have a chance with the 6.32 megamutt. 11.5 inches cc gaining over 1/2 inch per day. Based on itís shape I think I will need about 19 inches for an indoor pb.
Monday, March 4 View Page
At 15 inches..16 days to go. 3.5 inches gained in the past 7 days. 2.51 pounds is the number for me to get indoor pb. Might be close.
Wednesday, March 6 View Page
The Delbrut is growing very slowly. It is a good thing that the size of the F1 does not predict the F2. Hoping for a dozen seeds to grow out.
Thursday, March 7 View Page
There is not going to he enough time for the newest set on the 6.32 . It looks to me like a 5 fused.
Thursday, March 7 View Page
The 6.32 continues with a mega every truss. Very different than my past experience with the giants. I have usually seen 1st truss mega, then 2 to 4 trusses of singles. I like what this plant is doing.
Saturday, March 16 View Page
4 days to go. Tomato is at 17 7/8 inches. Not going to a year for indoor pb but there is a chance that it might be bigger than Zowies.
Wednesday, March 20 View Page
First day of spring..time to weigh a tomato. My winter grow weight 2.14 pounds. Not my personal best but I am happy with the result with all my distractions this winter.
Wednesday, March 20 View Page
The bottom side of the tomato. Its measurements were 18.25x16x14.75 for an mfactor of .00049 . I have been estimating using .0005, it was very close.
Saturday, March 23 View Page
The worst time of my life is just about over. My divorce decree was signed on Wednesday. I put an offer in on a house in Oak Grove, Mn on Thursday. It was accepted today. I think with 2.8 acres I can find room for giant vegetables. 2019 is not going to be much of a grow year. Good think I own a chain say...looking forward to 2020.
Wednesday, March 27 View Page
The first ever Delbrut is starting to flash. I wonder when the GPC new rules early tomato season is going to open. Might I have the first entry?
Saturday, April 6 View Page
Getting ready for my May 3rd closing. I thought mowing just about 3 acres with a push mower might be too much. Driving down my street, I spotted this. The price was right...FREE. Ramps, come-along, and a chain and it is all mine. Needs a bit of carb work but by the middle of May it should be humming. Probably will be pulling my little wagon around all summer. It will maybe be 2 years before I have plants in to grow seriously , but will be growing in preparation until then. Best guess..I will be on a sandy base again..soil test by middle of May.
Monday, April 15 View Page
I have Delbrut seeds drying. After harvesting 20,000 misc tomato seeds over the summer..getting seeds from one little tomato is so easy. Future years..i will never be able to grow this variety without remembering this winter. Still set for May 3 rd closing. No pumpkins this summer..but for sure tomatoes.
Monday, April 15 View Page
The Brutus Magnum outdoors is truly a Brut..One of the fastest growers I have had. Indoors, It was a wimp. Just keeping the plant alive was a struggle. This plant is dying..lack of water.. but it did what was needed. It is mother of the Delbrut. Way opposites of characteristics. Will the cross be strong or weak?
Saturday, April 20 View Page
Today, I am going to harvest the seeds from my winter megamuttD. It has been sitting in a bowl on my desk for a month and is still not leaking. The thought crossed my mind to try to rehydrate it. Wonder if this tomato would be judged sound at a weighoff?
Saturday, April 20 View Page
1/2 of the tomato was black inside. The was enough remaining to get a little bowl of mush. With a TSP soak should have enough seeds this summer to try the highest F number MegamuttD. These seeds are F4 generation.
Tuesday, April 23 View Page
Someone talk some sense into me.I chatted to the soil supplier that delivered 50 cu yards to me last year. He is willing to mix as much as I want and tweak so it could be even better. I cant complain about last years mixture..i set my pb both in tomatoes and pumpkin. This is a picture from last year. It was delivered May 22. Too bad I cant take it all with me to the new place. Spring seed starting is tempting me to a late season. I havent succumbed yet but it is not too late.
Wednesday, April 24 View Page
I tried to convince myself out of the foolishness of starting pumpkin seeds without having seen my garden soil. I did not pick up any seeds this winter but I still think I have enough to grow. I have narrowed it down to about 20 choices. Looking like it will be an ugly year. It will be a challenge to start with zero prep..but I wonít be bored.
Thursday, April 25 View Page
After hours of deliberation..ah well maybe actually 15 minutes (not enough time to confuse myself). I have chosen this years lineup. Going for three big uglies (have to give myself a chance for a jacket), one HD candidate and one really old seed. 8 more days until I find out what was under the snow. This years lineup should be sprouted by then.
Wednesday, May 1 View Page
Of the 5 seeds I soaked, 4 have sprouted roots. Still waiting for the old 901 Hunt. I am happy.. Very low effort start..soak in water, put in damp paper towel in a baggy and place on top dresser at 70 degrees. First year..i stressed so much about trying for optimum germination environment. Now it is just let them grow. Time to transplant..no fancy custom mixtures this year, just happy frog with great white. I think with this years lack of time and no garden prep that 3/4 gallon of potentially less than optimum soil is not going to make a noticeable difference. Time saved now is worth much for the later part of the year.
Wednesday, May 1 View Page
For what it is worth..the 1875 Mendi is sprouting ribbon root. Good..Bad...or Indifferent, I donít know, only time will tell. I will enjoy seeing what it does.
Wednesday, May 1 View Page
I am but an itsy bitsy grower..dont follow my method. I am very familiar with happy frog..i have spent enough winters growing that i feel it is not too hot..ocean forest is a bit tough on seedlings. Spring is a good time for me to drop the last winters biologicals into something it might benefit. Wow, I had lots of Great White leftover..into the mix. I set the moisture level so when i squeeze hard no water droplets come out. Remember, I am small..my way must be all wrong.
Wednesday, May 1 View Page
When i move the seeds to soil for the first time i plant them root up. The root will curve and go downward. The cots and seed hull will be pushed up. The friction of the soil and the angle of the opening of the seed will most of the time will shed the hull. If you plant it normal root down..you might be doing needle nose pliers surgery to free the cots from their protecter.
Saturday, May 4 View Page
Closed on the house yesterday morning. I spent time in the afternoon walking the land and trying to decide the best place for the first garden. There really is not an ideal spot. All will take some modification. I chose this spot for main patch. Havent measured it exactly but it is well over the 10,000 sq ft i desire. There are a few big trees and a bunch of little trees to sacrifice. Deer tracks everywhere. I do not expect much success growing this year. Next year should be better. At least I will be busy.
Sunday, May 5 View Page
New patch from a different perspective. Still think this is the right spot.
Sunday, May 5 View Page
I have what I had hoped for..lots of sand on the property. After the past 8 years i would not know what to do with clay.
Sunday, May 5 View Page
Planned garden patch...looks like i have about 4 inches of loam over sand.Two inches less than what i started with at my last place. This hole is the furthest from any tree..roots are going to be an issue.
Sunday, May 5 View Page
The challenges are here, but I am very content. I think that I have a place I can improve on for the rest of my life. Did I mention the deer tracks. My golden retriever loves the place. My daughter is satisfied. Maybe genetic place holder this year..just sets up for future years.
Sunday, May 5 View Page
This is probably the easiest grow spot. It is way to public of an area for my daughter to feel comfortable with. She is with me for another 3 years....I can wait.
Sunday, May 5 View Page
I wonder if I can get a 50 pound AG out of this soil. It has to be good..neither grass or weeds are growing. Bnotís house..the new sahara. Why i am I so happy?
Tuesday, May 7 View Page
Looking at all the garden stuff that I need to move. I see these hay bales that I used for weed supression on the edges of the garden. I think I saw some diary that was talking about growing in hay....hmmm, maybe i dont have to figure out how to turn sand to gold...after much contemplation (at least 8.3 seconds), i think i will stick with alchemy, I am completely out of H2O2.
Tuesday, May 7 View Page
After surveying my garden space last weekend, I have lowered my effort. No jacket for Bnot. I have decided to go with one ugly in 1000 sq ft. This 2363 the most developed of the three. I will see if i can amend the soil and tree roots ahead of the pumpkin plant. I also have an 1109. It will go into a neglected corner. Wonder if it can score lower than 184 lb with Haan glow. I will be an enjoyable summer even if i have nothing to weigh.
Tuesday, May 7 View Page
This picture is for agteacher..901 Hunt
Saturday, May 11 View Page
The power of the Atlantic Giant. One little baby pumpkin shows up and all kinds of trees fall down. Wonder what kind of havoc a big pumpkin plant will cause?
Saturday, May 11 View Page
Looks like I wont be driving to the pole barn very soon. It is going to take a bit of time to clean up the 15 trees (4 big and 11 little ones) cut today. Shade issue solved, next up roots. After that, lack of topsoil. Patch prep should be done by july..this might be the year i enjoy the most.
Sunday, May 12 View Page
Uh oh..my throttle switch rebelled while i was whittling down the big mess i made yesterday. I hate plastic parts...Should I order a new plastic piece or fabricate one out of metal on my breaks at work..might be delayed for a week trying to decide.
Wednesday, May 15 View Page
After getting home I checked the pumpkin plant. Something is wrong..the leaves are shredded. Is this the revenge for the tree massacre.At least the pumpkin plant is still alive. The part for the chainsaw arrived today. I have 10 out the next 12 days off from work. I donít know how much longer I will be thinking about pumpkins but my tomato season starts in the next few days.


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