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Wednesday, August 14, 2019 bnot Oak Grove, Mn

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The path to my dream garden is not getting any easier. This sand base reacts differently than the sand base at my last place. I think it because of the very high Calcium Carbonate percentage. It compacts to something like cement. It still drains though. I have a thin layer of topsoil over this hard layer. I am thinking I should I should take my top layer and put it all on 1/3 of the area. This would give me 18 inches over cement. I question using a bobcat to do it. Where I drove the bobcat the most is rock hard. The tiller will only go down 3 inches. I abused the tiller badly this summer. I wont have much free time until the middle of September. If I can get it done, I would have 3000 sq ft to grow in next year. Still not as good of soil as last year but better than I started with this year.

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