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So how do you grow a really big pumpkin anyway? Well if you ask 10 experienced growers this question you will probably get a variety of answers. However, the three things most of them would include are (1) Good Seeds, (2) Good Soil and (3) Good Luck! This section of BigPumpkins.com is dedicated to teaching techniques to beginners.

Top Ten Barriers Limiting Giant Pumpkin Patch Success By Joe Ailts
Top Ten Barriers Limiting Giant Pumpkin Patch Success.
Created on 1/3/2018 ----- Last updated on 1/3/2018

What's in your trench? By Joe Ailts
A deep dig into vine burying technique.
Created on 7/8/2014 ----- Last updated on 7/8/2014

Team-Pumpkin 2013 Enhanced OTT Chart
Team-Pumpkin 2013 Enhanced OTT Chart for Estimating Giant Pumpkin/Squash Weight.
Created on 3/11/2013 ----- Last updated on 3/13/2013

Statistics, Records and Genetics
Links to other sites and pages containing statistics, records and genetic information.
Created on 11/1/2012 ----- Last updated on 11/1/2012

Leaf Problems? See the Mad Scientist!
Matt DeBacco from Team-Pumpkin and the SNGPG, aka the Mad Scientist has put together a very nice compilation of his analysis of plant leaf problems and how to prevent them.
Created on 7/30/2011 ----- Last updated on 7/30/2011

Tips for Growing Giant Watermelons
How to grow Giant Watermelons by James White.
Created on 4/3/2010 ----- Last updated on 4/3/2010

How to Raise Worms By Monty Wallace
Raising worms is very easy to do. All it requires is something to put them in and something to feed them.
Created on 2/21/2006 ----- Last updated on 2/21/2006

Estimating Weight of Giant Pumpkins and Squash
Download the 2005 version of the weight estimation tables.
Created on 3/5/2001 ----- Last updated on 1/5/2005

AG Hybrid Theory 2 By Joe Ailts - Dec 2002
This is a long overdue update to a previous article I wrote concerning hybrid vigor.
Created on 12/13/2002 ----- Last updated on 12/13/2002

AG Hybrid Vigor By Joe Ailts - Dec 2000
When it comes to seed selection for next spring, all growers want the “best” genetics. But what does that mean? And how do you go about deciding which seeds are the best?
Created on 12/13/2002 ----- Last updated on 12/13/2002

Long Gourds 101
Want to try something different? Is your growing area too limited for Atlantic Giants? Try growing a long gourd!
Created on 2/22/2002 ----- Last updated on 4/4/2002

How to achieve 4lb Big Zac tomatoes
I'm going to try to explain what I did last year & some new ideas I'm adding this year in my quest for 4,5, or even 6 lb tomatoes. And I'll also throw some pumpkin ideas that I'm trying on both my tomatoes & pumpkins this coming year.
Created on 2/13/2002 ----- Last updated on 2/13/2002

An Advanced Seed Starting Method
Starting your seeds at the beginning of the season is a very exciting time indeed. Getting those seeds to jump out of the pots or ground as quick as possible is the goal of many growers. In an effort to do just that, I experimented with a modified version of the indirect starting method and discovered a way to have seeds up lickity split!!
Created on 7/3/2001 ----- Last updated on 7/3/2001

How To Plant Seedlings To Encourage Maximum Root Growth
This article deals primarily with the planting of seedlings, and more specifically with how deep they should be planted.
Created on 6/26/2001 ----- Last updated on 6/26/2001

Seeds in the blossom
Many Giant Pumpkins and Squash with seeds in the blossom behind the "stigma" will develop slower in the area where those seeds should have been.
Created on 3/24/2001 ----- Last updated on 3/24/2001

Nutrient Analysis of Beef, Dairy, Swine and Poultry Manure (average content)
A technical article by Wayne Cords on manure.
Created on 3/16/2001 ----- Last updated on 3/16/2001

Stem Stress Control
I began putting in what I called "S" curves to obtain the necessary slack...
Created on 3/9/2001 ----- Last updated on 3/9/2001

How to build a Hoop House by Jim Kilbert
It's time to get those hoop houses built!
Created on 2/26/2001 ----- Last updated on 3/6/2001

Vine Borers
I would give odds that most of your leaves that collapsed after mid-August had a Borer in the lower 6 inches of the leaf stem and the borer had already exited...
Created on 3/6/2001 ----- Last updated on 3/6/2001

Soil Compaction
My knowledge in soil compaction deals more with a 14,000-pound tractor and a 25,000-pound combine and the effect they have on corn and soybeans.
Created on 3/5/2001 ----- Last updated on 3/5/2001

Building a Simple Cold Frame By Len Stellpflug
Learn about the cold frame that Len has been using for years
Created on 2/26/2001 ----- Last updated on 3/1/2001

Past N.E.P.G.A. Newsletter Articles
Many of these N.E.P.G.A. articles are full of valuable "How-to" information, be sure to check them out.
Created on 2/26/2001 ----- Last updated on 2/26/2001

Food For Thought By Len Stellpflug
I'm writing this hoping it will stimulate Giant Pumpkin Growers to experiment and write articles reporting their results.
Created on 2/26/2001 ----- Last updated on 2/26/2001

Pumpkin Crack Healing by Len Stellpflug
Len shares his experience with pumpkin cracks.
Created on 2/21/2001 ----- Last updated on 2/21/2001

Pumpkin Genetics by Joe Ailts
A primer on pumpkin genetics.
Created on 2/20/2001 ----- Last updated on 2/20/2001

Systemic Insecticide use in 2000 by Len Stellpflug
Len shares his experience with systemic insecticides.
Created on 2/20/2001 ----- Last updated on 2/20/2001

How to Clone Pumpkins off the Main Vine by Marc Sawtelle
Successful cloning off the main vines is as simple as burying the vine in some soil, then waiting 7-10 days to cut the new plant from the main plant.
Created on 4/4/2000 ----- Last updated on 11/5/2000

How to Measure and Estimate the Weight of Your Pumpkin by Bart Toftness
A reasonable estimate of the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin weight can be found by taking careful measurements and then using a formula to calculate the weight.
Created on 8/1/2000 ----- Last updated on 8/1/2000

Misting by Scott Armstrong
...Misting is a great way to keep your plants from suffering from heat stress during the day, which hopefully in the long run will result in a bigger pumpkin.
Created on 7/18/2000 ----- Last updated on 7/18/2000

Seed Starting - One Approach
A lot of requests have been coming in for a seed-starting page. This page is a response to those requests.
Created on 5/4/2000 ----- Last updated on 5/4/2000

Pumpkin Carving
While at Topsfield we spotted Hugh McMahon, a famous pumpkin artist. We chated with him a bit about how to carve pumpkins.
Created on 11/6/1999 ----- Last updated on 11/6/1999

Get the Book(s)
If you are just getting into growing giant pumpkins you MUST buy How-To-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins, II by Don Langevin. This book covers everything, including: getting and starting seeds, soil preparation, early and late season protection, watering,
Created on 11/6/1999 ----- Last updated on 11/6/1999

Hand Pollinating
One of the reasons for hand pollinating is to get a pumpkin set as early in the season as possible. However, the primary reason is to be sure about the parentage of the seeds that will come out of the pumpkin when it is harvested. If blossoms are left to
Created on 11/6/1999 ----- Last updated on 11/6/1999

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