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Saturday, January 5 View Page
No better way to start the year than to push some weight and see what she can do :)
Saturday, January 5 View Page
8 yards of potting soil for the cost of a tank of gas... part of working on a budget is being resourceful. Took me about 15 ďnoísĒ to find a good source. I have a goal this year, and giving up is nowhere in the plans!
Saturday, January 5 View Page
I see a lot of chatter about the study, and Iíve always been an open book in my diary, so here is what it is so far. Iíve looked at a ton of fancy nutrition for my garden, but at the end of the day, the ingredients are what they are. I decided to go to my limited local market and get what I can off of the shelf to start.
Saturday, January 5 View Page
25 lbs for 3 starter holes, and 150 lbs of vine bury ferts for about a dollar per pound should be enough to get all of my vines buried over 2700 sqft. Saved about 30% by grabbing a sale, so both me AND the wife are happy :)
Saturday, January 5 View Page
Soil Iím hauling is from a friendís micro green business. Itís a high porosity, vermiculite and peat based media that has just a touch of perlite in it. Iím adding a 2Ē layer to 3,000 sqft total, so about halfway to 15 yards. Full of fresh sprouts and partially digested seeds to add to my organic matter, though the peat will be the big addition.
Saturday, January 5 View Page
May your trucks look like this come October...
Tuesday, January 15 View Page
I donít think you can post pictures to the forums for discussion so the next few possessions are for reference. Thankfully, I have not had to deal with phytophthora, but there are a number of growers here that do face it. I found this article recently and thought it was a thorough enough explanation of the disease without being too scientific to understand. I will start a thread in the Pest and Disease board so that anyone looking for a fast reference can find it. I hope this helps anyone and everyone who may need it.
Tuesday, January 15 View Page
I find charts like this to be incredibly helpful when trying to deal with something specific. With the cost of chemicals, it sure helps to be able to see side by side which groups different chemicals are in. Once I know the active ingredient, I look for the generic version in a similar concentration.
Tuesday, January 15 View Page
This article is from a state of the industry report for 2018 across America. I found it interesting how many of my friends who test for this disease live in one of the states listed in it. It shows that the grass isnít always greener in your neighborsí yards.
Tuesday, January 15 View Page
Sorry to spread over 4 posts... advertisements and all... at any rate, it was a good read and may help some with their management programs. Good luck not needing it, but if you do, there ya go!
Sunday, January 27 View Page
This is the type of soil Iíve been getting. Itís got me thinking about things...
Sunday, January 27 View Page
Iím posting this for discussion on the use of silica as it seems to be a recent trend around here. Iím on the fence right now, so letís chat it out on the message boards?
Friday, February 1 View Page
Happy Groundhog Day! Stills cooking here even after the deep freeze. Hope everyone is bundled up like a pumpkin in late September!
Sunday, February 3 View Page
Fur die deutsch! :) 1 liter right, 2 liter left, 3 liter center. All served full, all enjoyed thoroughly. Proud to be an American, but we could step up the beer game a bit! PROST!
Tuesday, February 26 View Page
Win some... lose some I suppose... tell you what, got my heart racing when I walked up in it! First time with one of these, and hopefully the last.
Friday, March 1 View Page
Wrapping up a couple projects while I wait for the weather to break.
Monday, March 4 View Page
My monster chimes were still in the front patch from 2017, so it was time to haul them up the hill to the back patch. Still one of my favorite garden accessories :)
Monday, March 4 View Page
Anyone remember my ladder extender from years past? Had to get Kirsha to help me lift them up, 50 lbs is a bit awkward 10 feet off the ground. Should soothe my new raised bed nicely.
Wednesday, March 13 View Page
She may look a little sad right now, but sheís just resting... the calm before the storm.


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