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This is where we put the stuff that we couldn't quite categorize...

Seed Auctions 2023/2024
Check the latest seed auction schedule for this winter.
Created on 11/7/2006 ----- Last updated on 3/4/2024

BIOGROW ENDO PLUS from HollandsGiants.com
Catalog now available for download.
Created on 1/29/2004 ----- Last updated on 1/30/2010

BigPumpkins.com Site Banners by Bori Graphix
Top quality banners, decals, stickers, etc. for pumpkin growing clubs.
Created on 1/13/2008 ----- Last updated on 1/21/2010

Dick's Tips 2
Giant pumpkin growing tips from Dick and Ron Wallace. All proceeds to benefit the Orange Angels Foundation!
Created on 11/21/2008 ----- Last updated on 11/21/2008

Will Flash For Pumpkins By Dick Wallace
The latest pumpkin cartoons by Dick Wallace along with some great articles by some of the best growers in the world!
Created on 6/24/2006 ----- Last updated on 6/24/2006

Will Flash For Pumpkins: Our Patch By Larry Checkon
Larry Checkon describes his pumpkin patch and his techniques for growing his 1469.
Created on 6/24/2006 ----- Last updated on 6/24/2006

Will Flash For Pumpkins: Acknowledgements
Dick Wallace finally got to write an acknowledgements article!
Created on 6/24/2006 ----- Last updated on 6/24/2006

Niagara Convention 2006
Check out some photos and presentations from the 2006 International Giant Vegetable Grower's Convention in Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Created on 3/12/2006 ----- Last updated on 3/12/2006

BigPumpkins.com Supports RSS
What do these RSS buttons do? Get an overview of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) and how to use it.
Created on 7/12/2005 ----- Last updated on 7/12/2005

PumpkinToons By Dick Wallace
See Dick's latest masterpiece...
Updated with 37 new toons...
Created on 3/6/2004 ----- Last updated on 2/5/2005

The Petersen / Carlson 1,432
See the pictures of the second largest pumpkin ever weighed.
Created on 9/14/2004 ----- Last updated on 9/14/2004

Kilr... On The Falls - 2004
The sum of my life could probably be earmarked by my trips to Niagara Falls...
Created on 3/3/2004 ----- Last updated on 3/3/2004

PNWGPG Internet Auction 2004
For the second time in our history, the PNWGPG organization is going to have an internet seed auction. This auction will include the most World Champion seed ever offered to the average grower.
Created on 12/28/2002 ----- Last updated on 1/3/2004

IPGA Seed Auction and Raffle 2003
Seed auction and raffle to benefit the IPGA to be held on 12/12/03 at 8:00 PM EST
Created on 1/20/2003 ----- Last updated on 12/12/2003

Bruce Whittier and his 1,458
See the pictures of the largest pumpkin ever weighed.
Created on 11/7/2003 ----- Last updated on 11/7/2003

Giant Pumpkin Totem Pole
Scott Cully's Pumpkin Totem Pole
Created on 10/24/2003 ----- Last updated on 10/24/2003

How-to-Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins III
Help Don by proof reading his Heavy Hitter pages.
Created on 7/8/2003 ----- Last updated on 7/8/2003

BigPumpkins.com 2003 Growing Contests
Pumpkin and Squash Contests for 2003 Growing Season
Created on 2/22/2003 ----- Last updated on 4/17/2003

APGA Seed Auction
1st Annual Howard Dill-Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Growers Seed Auction
Created on 3/7/2003 ----- Last updated on 3/15/2003

NEPGA Internet Seed Auction 2003
The NEPGA will be hosting there first ever Internet Seed Auction. Many new and old World Class Atlantic Giant seeds will be auctioned. Many of the seeds have never been made available on the auction block before, and may never be made available again.
Created on 2/8/2003 ----- Last updated on 3/1/2003

Beachy Seed Offer 2002
Get some great genetics seeds from Tom Beachy.
Created on 1/24/2003 ----- Last updated on 1/24/2003

CWPG Giant Pumpkin Seed Raffle
Seed raffle to benefit the Nekoosa Giant Pumpkin Fest.
Created on 1/20/2003 ----- Last updated on 1/20/2003

Pumpkin Explosion
WCCC, The Rock and BigPumpkins.com team up to atomize two Big Pumpkins on Ultimo Destructo Thursday
Created on 11/30/2001 ----- Last updated on 11/30/2001

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