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Will Flash For Pumpkins By Dick Wallace

Foreword and Commentary

My, my, what a difference a generation makes.

Back in the late eighties when Ron and I started growing giant pumpkins information was as difficult to come by as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest. It was even harder to understand once you got some.

I remember our first summer of growing was a real experience:
  • Plants sitting out in the cold with no protection
  • Dumping fertilizers on because someone said they needed lots of it
  • No protection from the wind or sun
  • Prune? To me prune was something you ate when you were plugged up
  • Spacing? Ya, right there between the rows of corn and tomatoes

I remember once, while asking questions about fertilizers, a high profile grower said to me "I'd be careful with that midddle number". Really? I thought to myself, geez, thanks for the help (I never did get a straight answer).

Thank goodness more information was forthcoming over the years.

Because of informational books, formation of clubs, coupled with individual info sharing from growers and the Internet, we are all pretty much on a level playing field today. If not for those changes, that same guy might be telling you "I'd be careful of that middle number".

I truly hope everyone enjoys these cartoons and the "In thier own words" articles written by some of our hobbies best. Always remember, don't take yourself too seriously, set realistic goals and for goodness sakes, "if you can't handle disappointments find a new hobby".

Dick "Pap" Wallace

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"In Their Own Words" Articles


Our Patch - By Larry Checkon

NOTE: We will be adding more articles to this series throughout the season.

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