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Beachy Seed Offer 2002

Dear Fellow Growers:

I have finally gotten all of my seeds organized from this past year. We had a very successful year, both with big pumpkins, and having lots of them. I am offering my genetics crosses to everyone. I decided to do them separate because of number of seeds we produced in 2002. I have decided to offer what I feel are my best crosses of 2002. By contacting and getting Joe Ailts to write short paragraphs as to why these seeds are good, I took away all personal bias from the equation. The pollinations were all pure in the seeds listed on this offer. I have limited supply and time, so if you do not plan on growing a cross please do not request seeds.

Please only select 2 seeds from each of the three sections. There will be 6 packets requested in total, which will allow for some stocks being gone. I will send 4 packets with 2 seeds each (once again this means that you will not get 2 of your selections). Please just print this page(s), and either highlight or check the ones you would like to have. I will ask that you either send me your email address along with a SASBP with $1 to cover the cost of my office supplies, or 3 dollars in an envelope. See the link below for complete details and the seed list.

Beachy Seed Offer 2002

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