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Seed Auctions 2013/2014

We are hosting more and more seed auctions every winter. This page contains the latest schedule of auctions and links to the auction details. More dates will be posted as soon as they are confirmed.

Get the Foxit PDF reader (its better than the other one).

Date/Time Organization Name Link to Details

These auctions have already been held this winter on BigPumpkins.com

Date/Time Organization Name Link to Details
12/14/13 8:00PM (EST) Team-Pumpkin Details
12/15/13 8:00PM (EST) Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers - Night 1 Details
12/20/13 8:00PM (EST) Ohio Valley Giant Pumpkin Growers - Night 2 Details
12/21/13 7:00PM (EST) Pacific Northwest Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
12/22/13 8:00PM (EST) Utah Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
12/27/13 8:00PM (EST) Michigan Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
12/28/13 8:00PM (EST) New York State Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
12/29/13 8:00PM (EST) North Carolina Giant Vegetable Growers Details
01/03/14 8:30PM (EST) Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers - Night 1 Details
01/04/14 4:00PM (EST) European Giant Vegetable Growers Details
01/04/14 8:00PM (EST) Make-A-Wish Details
01/05/14 8:00PM (EST) Mid-Atlantic Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
01/10/14 8:00PM (EST) Southeast South Dakota Growers Details
01/11/14 8:00PM (EST) St. Croix Growers Association Details
01/02/14 - 01/12/14 Maine Pumpkin Growers (self-hosted) Details
01/04/14 - 01/12/14 Vermont Giant Pumpkin Growers Silent Auction (self-hosted) Details
01/12/14 1:00PM (EST) Giant Vegetable Growers of Ontario Details
01/12/14 8:00PM (EST) Pennsylvania Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
01/17/14 8:00PM (EST) Giant Watermelon Growers Details
01/18/14 8:00PM (EST) Midwest Pumpkin Growers Details
01/19/14 8:00PM (EST) Rocky Mountain Giant Vegetable Growers Details
01/25/14 8:00PM (EST) Team Lunatic Details
01/26/14 8:00PM (EST) Upper Midwest Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
01/31/14 8:00PM (EST) Big Sky Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
02/01/14 8:00PM (EST) Southern Ohio Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
02/07/14 8:00PM (EST) New Hampshire Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
02/08/14 8:00PM (EST) Central New York Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
02/09/14 8:00PM (EST) Kentucky Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
02/15/14 8:00PM (EST) CTGPGC - Connecticut Giant Pumpkin Growers Club Details
02/16/14 8:00PM (EST) Southern New England Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
02/28/14 8:00PM (EST) Northern Colorado Weigh-off Details
03/01/14 8:00PM (EST) Indiana Pumpkin Grower's Association Details
03/02/14 8:00PM (EST) Wisconsin Pumpkin Growers Details
02/28/14 - 03/09/14 Crazy-Growers.de (self-hosted) Details
03/07/14 8:00PM (EST) Allardt, TN GPC Seed Auction Details
03/08/14 8:00PM (EST) New England Giant Pumpkin Growers Details
03/09/14 8:00PM (EST) Pacific Giant Vegetable Growers - Night 2 Details

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