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Thursday, January 2 View Page
Happy New Year, Everyone!
Sunday, January 5 View Page
I received a Fitbit for Christmas, so of course I have to do more steps than my overwintering self can reasonably handle. "So much winning!" lol!
Tuesday, January 7 View Page
Ah yes, snow is predicted for the lowlands of the Pacific Northwest. It makes driving entertaining, as well as grocery shopping, with people panic-purchasing bottled water and canned foods, as if THAT will save 'em, lol!
Thursday, January 9 View Page
It's snowing! Wheeee!
Sunday, January 12 View Page
It might take a while to get it right.
Sunday, January 12 View Page
Pizza and Chianti Night, yay! Still waiting on the snow.
Sunday, January 12 View Page
The Giant Pumpkin Matrix awaits. I step in.
Monday, January 13 View Page
Too warm here for the snow to stick around. It's still trying.
Monday, January 13 View Page
Yay, got a bit of snow!
Tuesday, January 14 View Page
Glad to get some snow! Also glad it's melted now! Might receive another round soon. Have fun out there!
Wednesday, January 15 View Page
20,000 steps may have been a much, lol!
Thursday, January 16 View Page
Getting excited to dig it up! Need more locates!
Friday, January 17 View Page
The upsets continue on Grand Sumo! Been inspirational to watch some of the rank-and-filers improve their skills to win.
Saturday, January 18 View Page
Never give up, bnot!
Saturday, January 18 View Page
I thought it would be fine to stop making Excel entries in my pumpkin-growing spreadsheet during the off-season, lol! Plenty going on even with nothing growing. Giant Pumpkins never stop!
Saturday, January 18 View Page
Today's Grand Sumo Theme: "Let's get this bout over with so we can hit the buffet before the rank-and-filers eat all the good food!"
Monday, January 20 View Page
Yes, Toto and Mr. Locator, there IS a 50-pair phone line in my patch, check it and see!
Tuesday, January 21 View Page
Following up is important in giant pumpkin growing, as I found out yesterday. So, I called the locating company up and mentioned that a phone line does run through my patch even though they said it didn't. The nice lady contacted Mr. Locator and he promptly came over and confirmed that Yes, even he knows that the phone line runs through my pumpkin patch, and that he never received the request to locate the line because someone at the service desk decided that I didn't need a locate, LOL! Mr. Locator was awesome and got it squared away for me and gave me some nice flags to indicate where the 50-pair phone line is so I don't dig it up. People will say all sorts of things when growing giant pumpkins, filter it out and carry on with doing a better job.
Tuesday, January 21 View Page
I'm looking forward to the seed raffle with matt-man and the BHGPG, 5 pm Pacific Time! Will be fun! Hope to see everyone there! /waves to all the pumpkin people out there!
Tuesday, January 21 View Page
So great to see so many nice people at the BHGPG raffle this evening! Thank you for a fun evening, matt-man! Loved the non-google-able trivia questions, even if I couldn't answer any of them correctly! I'm happy to add to my seed collection as well!
Tuesday, January 21 View Page
Oh my, you mean that I'm #2 in number of diary entries, behind bnot? Really? What kind of pumpkinhead am I becoming, anyways?
Friday, January 24 View Page
Oh my, this Grand Sumo tournament is in chaos right now! Too many injuries among the higher ranks are opening up plenty of opportunities for the lower ranks. Enho has the fighting spirit and is kicking as much rear as a small guy can, and Shodai is turning into a real champ! Much of the establishment is on the way out. I hope that Tochinoshin can hang in there for a few more tournaments with his knee injuries and all. Go Tochinoshin Go! A Georgian in Sumo! Do not cut off your top knot and retire yet, please!
Friday, January 24 View Page
For the off-season, there is still plenty to be done here! Drip tape does not order itself, lol! I can see why it takes a few seasons to get one's pumpkin act together. Go Dawn Go! Give it fuel, give it fire! Best wishes for all you Pumpkin People out there! I hope your off-season is going well! Special shout-outs to new and new-ish growers! Study up and work make your patch the best that it can be! You can do this!!!
Friday, January 24 View Page
Looking forward to another matt-man seed auction, whenever that is! Great conversation, great seeds, great people!
Saturday, January 25 View Page
Will not post that photo of Jason Momoa at the beach. It's all good!
Saturday, January 25 View Page
Thank you for the 2363 Holland seed, matt-man! Woot! So many seeds, so little time!
Thursday, January 30 View Page
Got a nice hole dug for my giant cucumbers out in the garden, before it started raining, yay! Too dark for a worthwhile photo, so please enjoy these ferns in the Olympic National Park instead.
Friday, January 31 View Page
"When a problem comes along, Lambchop must lop it, lop it good!"
Saturday, February 1 View Page
Super-windy start to February, I hope all the NW growers still have power. The internet connection is a bit glitchy here but it's still working enough to post. Take care out there!
Saturday, February 1 View Page
Awwww, here's our 'lil Lambchop! So cute! Let's keep her in Sweet Mode! I hope Lambchop knows that she has some big-time fans out here in Pumpkinland! So talented! So fun! Yes, I know she's not reading this but I'm posting it anyways!
Saturday, February 1 View Page
Woot! Got my own copy of the Lambchop Poster drying! I'm almost ready for another season of epicness!
Tuesday, February 4 View Page
Snow is in the air! Wheee!
Wednesday, February 12 View Page
I am really looking forward to the Fantasy Pumpkin Growers competition! I'm working on my list of epic draft picks now! So much greatness will be assembled for my entertainment, woot!!!! Thank you, Orange U Glad!
Wednesday, February 12 View Page
Awwww, I'm sorry to miss the upcoming PNWGPG Seed Auction! Wedding anniversary with steak and wine instead! Have fun for me, everyone!
Thursday, February 13 View Page
Have fun, everyone!
Friday, February 21 View Page
I have a pumpkin social calendar now :-)


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