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Friday, March 27, 2020 Suburban Gardener Western Washington

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OK Friends, it's getting real germy here in Lakewood, so I am continuing to self-isolate and not even going to Arby's for the BLT's anymore! Oh The Horrors!!!! How am I EVER going to survive? lol /waves at Colleen and Crew from Here!

I am going to attempt gardening with only the items I have on hand (leftover from last season) and they are numerous. I am also not doing any soil testing (OH MY GAWD!!!!!) to avoid germy visits to the Post Office. I will guess-ti-mate and utilize the Amendment Calculator for the items I have on hand to enhance the soil I already have here, and hope it works out OK. I also have soil from my garden area from two years ago that I can utilize, extra compost, etc. here. I am hoping that this will be an educational experience, or at least an entertaining and safe one!!!!!

I'm sticking with my plan of growing long gourds in last season's pumpkin holes (one LG plant per hole), one 5-Gallon Mater, and one cucumber. I did not get my front yard dug up before my ankle started hurting and the germs started spreading.

I am highly disappointed that there will be no AG's grown here this year, but I cannot risk taking that many trips to Lowe's this year, or even dealing with my lawn removal at this point in time. I will try not to have jealousy issues when I see all of your wonderful kins on the grow! I was so looking forward to growing my seed this year, I will have to wait until next year to see that through.

Thank you for your friendship and support here, and for reading all of this! I hope everyone has an AMAZING year for me, yay!!!!

Stay Safe and Healthy, Everyone! Thinking of you all!!!

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