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Subject:  hydrogen peroxide

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Tasmania Australia

Hi, I am trying to find out what the best rate or about of hydrogen peroxide to be used when soaking seeds.
I have read anywhere from soaking seeds in 3% hydrogen peroxide and also some are using a 15% hydrogen peroxide mixed in with water and 1/2 strength seaweed powder mix.

I am hoping i might be able to get a general idea on what a few on here are using in the way of hydrogen peroxide for seed soaking.
What about of hydrogen peroxide you use to water and what % of hydrogen peroxide is found to be the most effective.

4/23/2020 5:44:28 AM


Syracuse, NY

It is okay for a cut finger at 3%.
It is ok for your seeds at 3%.
I have never mixed or diluted it or anything.
I don't even rinse it off, since H2O2 turns into water soon anyway - hence the dark brown bottle and the 'cool, dark place/tightly-capped' notices. IIIIIIIIIIIII use two shot glasses, the bottom one over half full+ with the H2O2 in it and the MARKED IF DIFFERENT (Sharpie) seeds - the other is placed into that one over the SINK and in doing this and tilting it and jockeying the air bubbles out, you get the maximum submersion of the seeds. ANY glasses the same size will work; MARK THE SEEDS first, lol---just set this arrangement in the sink for about 10 minutes, jostle and tilt it again in another 5 minutes, remove them, dump the H2O2, rinse it down, place your seeds in the SS mix and you're all set. this on top of any filing/sanding or, in my case, snipping the seed all 'round because the brown seeds have almost a waxy coating...ohhh, on and on, and...good luck - eg PS---i'd be worried that 15% would cause skin irritation, and is needlessly strong.

4/23/2020 10:44:20 AM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

1 to 3 % should be fine. I did some tests at .5 to 1.5 and this was ok also. I start with 30% and dilute it down it is like battery acid be careful. The pharmaceutical product is already at 3% it is much safer.

4/23/2020 11:22:42 AM

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