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Subject:  Stating mix

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Southern ohio

I need some reading material. What is everyone's strategies for seed mix? Straight jiffy til it goes in the ground, jiffy with a sprinkle of worm castings? Maybe a touch of your own gardens soil? What has given everyone their happiest seedlings?

3/18/2020 9:06:21 AM



Jiffy does the trick for me

3/18/2020 9:52:40 AM

andy W

Western NY

Pro-Mix BX with the goodies.

3/18/2020 11:06:36 AM


Flat Rock, Michigan

Pro mix here also :)

3/18/2020 11:25:52 AM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Black gold seed starting mix cut by half with “becuzz “ pro mix....light on the goodies...Andy- how long do yours stay in the pot before hitting the ground?

3/18/2020 12:21:32 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

This year I am using 50-50 mix of Jiffy (sphagnum moss and vermiculite) and Burpee (coir and perlite) In the bottom 2/3 of the 5" peat pout I add a tiny bit of Jones Organic tomato food for the beneficial bacteria, and a bit of Wallace Mycorrhizae. The top third is just the 50-50 mix without any additions. When I move them to bigger pots, I will use Miracle Gro potting soil with the Jobes and Mycorrhizae added.

3/18/2020 2:00:08 PM

curtlave (team extreme)

Sourthern Utah

i,m partial to the black gold, myself,

3/18/2020 3:51:14 PM



Promix in grow bags. 3 or 5 gallon. Its holds together when transplanting.

3/18/2020 3:56:54 PM


Sault Ste Marie, MI 49783

I have some test seeds going right now with two plants in each of jiffy, miracle gro, and black gold. The plants in the jiffy mix are short and stalky and the ones in the other soils are a bit lanky all plant are under the same grow light. I have always used the jiffy mix in 5 inch peat pots until first leaf starts to pop out and then into two gallon bags or pots with fox farms potting soil. Do some test and see what works for you.

3/18/2020 7:38:24 PM


Southern ohio

Seems everyone pots up or starts in larger bag or pot. What point/stage of growth does everyone like to get in the ground? Is it feasible to go from a 5in peat into ground without being pot bound?

3/18/2020 7:59:41 PM

Green Toe


I have tried them all miracle grow starting mix works the best for me I used to use peat pots but now I use the red solo cups the big ones you know like when your really thirsty

3/18/2020 10:14:10 PM

Green Gene

Putnam Ct.

Pro-Mix BX

3/19/2020 8:03:14 AM

Big T Hoff

Hadley Ny

I start mine in 12 ounce clear plastic cups with promix bx. I use the clear plastic so i can see the root system Lots of times you see roots before the seed pops up. I then retransplant to larger containers with a mix of promix and garden soil. Give the leaves a short time to develop and transplant to garden area. Cover your cups with plastic wrap. wrap to retain proper moisture.

3/19/2020 11:07:55 AM

andy W

Western NY

On average, I'm in the pot (2 or 3 gal bags the last couple years) for 2 - 2.5 weeks. Ideally, I'd like to go with smaller pots and quicker time to hit the ground, but you never know with the weather here.

3/19/2020 11:30:28 AM

G. Kins

Catinthehat, WA

5 inch peat is that about a quart? Might be ok one week in that size. I think about two weeks in a gallon pot. Clear plastic would be helpful but for me when the first true leaf is fully grown thats when its done being in a gallon size pot.

3/19/2020 11:52:06 AM



Mine are in Jiffy they look great I mixed mychorrhizea in with the mix. I hardly ever hold them for long periods and they go in the patch when the first true leaf is the size of a quarter

3/19/2020 12:46:18 PM

Porkchop(team sLamMer)

Central NY

Thanks Andy ...same here...gonna use an electric heater this year...get it right in ....mustard survived under the hoophouse

3/19/2020 1:31:15 PM


Sault Ste Marie, MI 49783

Still have two feet of snow on the ground I have to start plants a month before they go outside.

3/19/2020 8:39:16 PM


Where the PUMPKINS grow/My backyard

I grow in 6 inch peat pots, with pro-mix in them. This lasts about, 2 weeks I think.

3/20/2020 8:31:14 AM


Southern ohio

Great stuff guys, only about a dozen seeds in my stash they'll probably all get planted with slightly different strategies, maybe I'll be able to help a newbie next season.

3/20/2020 9:10:14 PM


Bloomington, IN USA

ProMix BX in Cowpots.

3/27/2020 11:23:26 PM

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