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Subject:  Wallace video?

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Vancouver Washington

My wife and I were trying to remember where we saw Ron talking about starting seeds/plants in pots with myco then removing the plants and starting his competition plants in the same dirt/pots. The idea being the roots had begun colonizing and thus sort of jump starting the process......did we dream this up....? Thought we might test it out ahead of time.

2/9/2019 11:35:51 AM


Syracuse, NY

i hope you find the video, and i have it but am at a loss for where it is at the moment in my many DVD spindles-yet-unsorted; while i have you on the line, though, and you are in the mode of having the Mycorrhizae already-incorporated
before the plant comes though the peat pot, think on a grander scale even before real planting time and plan to till-in 5-10 pounds of Mycorrhizae per growing area (600-800 SF) and
you'll probably experience the same effect - the Myco will be there and ready to attach to your ENTIRE plant's roots as SOON as the roots protrude into the soil. Joel Holland did this and grew the 2nd biggest pumpkin in history in 2017 with the 2145 McMullen. If i find that video i'll probably watch it and letchu know what the title is. eg

2/9/2019 4:01:53 PM


Syracuse, NY

in the meantime, or, i'd assume he'll tell you in this video, based on the title, lol:


good luck, and keep an eye out for my newest pumpkinpal2 revolutionary seed-starting method---eg

2/9/2019 4:07:54 PM

Jay Yohe

Pittsburgh, PA

Ron posted a video about this on his Facebook and/or instagram pages last year I believe. Check there.

2/10/2019 12:17:26 AM

G. Kins

Catinatree, WA

Huh... so now is the time to start.

I don’t rememer Holland doing a replanting thing in his video, but I only watched it a couple times and then lost the disc. Maybe I missed that part.

2/10/2019 4:11:17 AM


Syracuse, NY

Say, Bud, i don't think Joel does this in his video(s).
It's a Ron-only, lol---

2/10/2019 4:13:17 AM


NE Arkansas

Yeah it was either a FB or Instagram video. I remember he planted them in the same dirt as his test germination plants

2/10/2019 9:54:29 PM


Vancouver Washington

Thanks everyone, we will keep looking and keep you posted when I find it.

2/11/2019 8:59:57 AM


South Hero, VT

Maybe these?...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcagSv-V1zg

2/11/2019 11:26:30 AM


Syracuse, NY

seems like it's cut-and dried to me; just grow a few plants, yank them up upon the first true leaf's direction being established or later, as though ready to plant and, instead, shove a seed (to start) in where the plant used to be---you wouldn't wanna let the seed-starting mix dry out; in such a small area, the Myco (although I've been told that you cannot see it, and i disagree) would be 'colonized' immediately anyway - if the Myco lives by attaching to the plant's roots, it has to grow along with it at the same rate; if it's in the soil ALREADY, it will activate or continue-on as soon as there are roots penetrating the soil, whether they're from the vine(s) or via established roots growing horizontally. i think what most people believe is that the soil has to be 'colonized' for any effect. i disagree. that's like saying you won't benefit from saving money until you have a LOT of money to save, and you'd have to have saved THAT much to say so, lol. i just watched part of Ron's 'How I Grew The 2009 and 1872...' and decided he did not say anything about the 'pull and replant' procedure, although his soothing accent DID start lulling me to sleep, it IS about bedtime, lol---it is along the same lines as planting a cover crop into Myco and killing the cc with Roundup or similar but still allowing the pumpkin plant to invade the area and utilize the Myco infrastructure already there. my nickel's worth (inflation, you know)---eg

2/12/2019 4:50:04 AM


Vancouver Washington

Thanks VT, but thats still was not the videos we were thinking of. I do remember seeing these before though. Probably last winter... don't have time for this in the summer!
I think you are on the right track pp2. Just could not remember exactly how Ron did it. Going to start some seeds in myco soil let them grow a while then cut them off, start more to replace them along with control seeds and compare them.Snow and rain really help the creative juices flow.

2/12/2019 8:49:33 AM


Syracuse, NY

Okay, I hope it works for you, but I would not cut the plants, just literally pull them out or you'll have that bewildered, juicy stem still there; PS---I know it mentally hurts, but, also twist them as you pull on them and keep a few fingers on the surface, to help keep the soil from pulling up with the plant, whereas you wanna keep the ROOTS in the soil, I would think, for they are the 'residence' of the Myco---PSPS-> Plus, you wanna plant your 'real' seed right in the middle again, lol---SORRY for the GRAPHIC nature of this description! eg

2/13/2019 12:36:59 AM

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