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Subject:  MEGA-Germinating-Test; 700 Seeds 2005 to 2014 P-I

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Berlin, Germany

In Germany I am famous for germinating older seeds sometimes.....my “Methusalix-Projects“...
So last November I inherited a seed collection-disbanded from a grower-friend and after a longer selection there are many older AG-seeds left. So what should I do with them.....??

….right...a nice little winter -project....: „Project Methusalix VI“

In this project I wanted to answer my question, how good is the germination performance of older seeds in general using a representative set of seeds from various older seed stocks...?

The test-specifications:
-at least 8 seeds of every cross available,....6 going in the test
- at the end there were 118 sets in my test ( 6 seeds each, = 708 seeds in total )
-seeds from USA, CAN, Europe, Germany.....and many other countries....
-test-duration 6 days / 144 hours in my little germination-box
-12 sets = 72 seeds per round
-every seed got an identification-number with a water-resistant pen
-every seed received two (school-)notes; one for germination -time and one for germination -vitality, health, strength,overall appearance of the seedling
( note 1 is very good, ….note 5 is bad,...note 6 is not germinated )
-before starting the seeds were filed and watered for two hours

1/30/2019 6:19:16 AM

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