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Subject:  How long do I wait?

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Peace, Wayne

Owensboro, Ky.

I started 7 seeds 1 week ago. 5 of 7 are up & looking very healthy. 2 are not showing any signs of success. 1662 Daletas & 1610 Lieber are both older seeds (09 & 10). How long b/4 I give up. Peace, Wayne

5/6/2018 7:22:57 AM


Central Illinois

I tossed out some potted up seeds one spring, and they sprouted one year later so keep waiting. Usually after 10 days or so they have rotted.

5/6/2018 9:31:46 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I usually dig mine up and see what's going on. If you give it a gentle squeeze and puss comes out. Start some more. If it's firm, it still has hope.

5/6/2018 10:10:26 AM

G. Kins

Inabeehive, WA

agree. . . carefully see where they are at. Rot often starts in a week but they can be saved sometimes...

5/6/2018 9:44:09 PM

G. Kins

Inabeehive, WA

h202 might help clean up the root if there is any rot. if cots are rotting get them above ground. Weak ones can be helped. mushy seeds are done.

5/6/2018 9:50:51 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

You never know for sure. My first year, not knowing what I was doing, I planted generic seeds in the garden in mid May. By the end of June I gave up and hit them with the tiller. They sprouted by July 4, grew one 176#. Over 6 weeks in the ground before it germinated.

5/6/2018 10:32:35 PM


Syracuse, NY

well said, all and big moon----i had tried just now to sprout some 500 Poiriers '06 and a 728.5 and 743 Gatewood '01s and exactly what big moon said had happened. about 2 days before that, a 495 Reiss( 801.5 X Self) had a bloated inner green sheath, whereby i put the seed back in, but found that that one, too, was now mush within. to learn good from bad is our life-long project, i guess---now i have to pick out 4 TOP ORANGE seeds to replace them.
oh, what a drag THAT will be, lol---eg

5/7/2018 12:01:20 AM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


Wayne, I started a seed from 2010 this year and it was up in 3 days or the same as the newer seeds. Are you keeping the soil too moist? I keep the soil above the seed very loose and have a spray bottle of warm water to hit that area just enough maybe once a day to keep the soil just right.

5/7/2018 8:30:24 AM

Peace, Wayne

Owensboro, Ky.

Okay, I gently dug up both seeds in question. Both still seem solid, so I gently replanted both. Time will tell. Should I turn up the temp in the germination chamber? Currently at 75F. Peace, Wayne

5/7/2018 11:04:15 AM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Turn up the heat. I go with 85 for pumpkin seeds, 88 to 90 for long gourds. 11 out of 12 germinated this year, One failure to launch was several years old.

5/7/2018 11:46:41 AM

curtlave (team extreme)

Sourthern Utah

Wayne i usually do seed in the 85 to 88 range,, all seeds have come up this season so far, got a couple of older 06 seeds going to start for genetic reasons,, some seeds take 10/12 days, for me,, good luck, Curt

5/7/2018 2:26:29 PM

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