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Subject:  Germinating

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Bob C


I practiced all winter long germinating pumpkin seeds to ensure I had the right technique, and success. I filed and soaked the seeds, then put in a paper towel and plastic zip lock bag on a heat mat. I had it down with everyone germinating. Then comes the real deal, take your important seeds and do the same thing, and total failure. I guess this is where you learn, and analyze what to change. I think the older seeds I was using where getting water logged. So I changed to file, soaking, and put the seed on top of a paper towel, lightly damp and put in a small Tupperware container so the see wasn't wrapped but open in the container. Started to get 100% germination after that. As soon as I saw the root tip, in the pot it went. I will switch to this method going forward.

4/30/2018 8:04:35 AM

curtlave (team extreme)

Sourthern Utah

dang it Bob, i never had any luck with with the paper towel method, i file n soak for 2 maybe 3 hours,, have the starting media in the germ chamber at least 4 hours prior. then i go straight to soil, only lost 2 maybe 3 seeds this way, a couple was main seeds, but the year it happened everyone was having the same issue's with the seeds in question that year. never surrender, never give up. best,

4/30/2018 8:49:24 PM



I had some failures with the paper towel method so Ive gone elsewhere technique wise. the common problem seems to be too wet-bob keep perfecting your technique for maximum success-i'm still traumatized by the 559 geerts seed I ruined in 1997-I wanted to grow that one bad :)

5/1/2018 1:27:59 PM

G. Kins

Inabeehive, WA

You had the right idea... but there's variables like how much contact with the heat mat, what kind of paper towels were used, maybe even the kind of bacteria on your hands that day... or the kinds of fungal spores that were in the air that day... Who knows. Bummer.

5/2/2018 2:32:18 AM

Pumpkin miner


I thought I had a couple dud seeds this year, one being the 302D30 Barlow. Which is a 2145 McMullen x 2009 Wallace. 21 days after after filing, soaking,, and planting and still wasn't out. 80 degrees organic seed starter, every other seed popped right off but this one. I set it aside for some reason, was probably going to dig it out and try a different seed, totally forgot about it. 4 days later I walked in the room and a little plant caught my eye in confusion. I read the label and but George it finally woke up. 25 days it took thay sleepy head tip get out of bed. You just never know

5/2/2018 9:24:22 AM

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