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Subject:  Peppers

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Princeville, IL

What is the temperature you germinate peppers at. I have good germination at around 80 with sweet peppers but it hasn't been very good with the really hot peppers. any ideas or tricks you use on the hot peppers to get better germination?

3/8/2017 8:00:38 AM


Buffalo, MN (Billsbigpumpkins@hotmail.com)

I'm going to do mine at 85, but I would thing 80 would work it would just take a day or two longer. It will take around 10-12 days for germination.

3/8/2017 10:28:16 AM


Princeville, IL

Thanks Bill, Maybe I have been pulling them out of the germination chamber too early. I don't like them to sprout in the chamber as they get leggy real quick and I am only at the school each morning. Therefore I usually pull seed trays before I see sprouts. I know a lot of the flowers are up in a couple days but know peppers take a lot longer. I was pulling them at 5 days. Will try 8 and see how that works. They do go on heated germinating mats in the greenhouse once they are close to germination but it doesn't have a misting system so like the chamber that has more humidity control to get them started.

3/8/2017 11:47:13 AM


Cranbrook bc

I planted ghost peppers and carolina reapers at 80 with heating mats underneath, ghost peppers sprouted in about 5 days carolina reapers are nearly a week and a half without sprouting so far

3/8/2017 2:04:57 PM



Just uncovered my first flat of sweet peppers, bout 75% germination in 6 days with heating mat and insulated box which holds the flat with a temp of 85-88 degrees,great color and others r starting to pop the surface also.u r correct when u said hot peppers take loner, I usually figure 10-15 days.

3/8/2017 7:02:46 PM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

No expert here on peppers, but what I have learned is patience is the key, especially for really hot peppers. I started @ 60 seeds a month ago and nothing for two weeks. Then a few sweet peppers popped followed by others. The hot ones ( ghost peppers, trinidad Butch T, Sorpion and habernero took their sweet time but made an appearance recently. Hopefully their sisters will join the crowd soon. All pressed @ 1/8 into the medium and germed at 80 degrees F. 30 + up so far, woo hoo!

3/8/2017 9:46:31 PM

KC Kevin

Mission Viejo, CA

Not that unusual for hot pepper seeds to take 3-4 weeks in some cases. I had one that took 5 weeks!

3/8/2017 10:34:01 PM

Peace, Wayne

Owensboro, Ky.

Duh, thought everyone knew that peppers are slow starters? LOL Just kidding, I dint know either!!! Just wanted to poke a little!!! Peace, Wayne

3/9/2017 1:17:59 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

In my experience the super hot peppers are trickier to germinate and once they do, they grow much more slowly than sweet peppers. I start mine a month earlier than I do bell and frying peppers.

3/9/2017 7:14:52 AM

Ron Rahe (uncron1@hotmail.com)


I use a temp closer to 90.about a week to 10 days

3/9/2017 8:55:41 PM


valparaiso, in

I am with Ron. 90 degrees with about a week or so for the hot pepper seeds to sprout.

3/13/2017 1:01:57 AM


NE Arkansas

I also run the temp at 88-92 on my hot peppers... but that's the temp I use on melons and kins too

4/5/2017 11:11:42 PM



2/22/2020 8:39:33 PM

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