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Subject:  Snowball

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I have a question, need Snowball longer to germinate,
we started 7 seeds, 6 a now in the ground but Snowball will not do anything?


3/28/2014 12:48:02 AM



I started two last year-both took 5 days for the root to crack the shell. Most seeds I try take from 17 hrs to 48-so its a slow to sprout.

3/28/2014 1:49:25 AM

Bubba Presley

Muddy Waters

In the ground? How many days has it been?

3/28/2014 6:13:24 AM



3 of them are in 20l bags, the other one will get such bags today or tomorrow.

Germination takes 48 60 hours

3/28/2014 6:49:04 AM

Matt D.


My experience has been that "Snowball" seeds do take longer to germinate than other seeds. It seems that 5-7 days is typical from growers that have contacted me.

Interesting note is that the actual seedlings/plants seem to have average vigor so it is just a germination delay.

Lastly, I had one seed from "Snowball" last year that took 12 days to just produce a radicle so it can try your patience. With some growers set-ups it can be hard to keep conditions consistent for this period of time, especially moisture.

Best of luck!

3/28/2014 4:20:37 PM



Snowball is fighting but I think it is over :(
we will wait one week.

4/2/2014 12:32:01 PM

Big Orange

Fairfield, CT, 06825

I believe this trait comes from the mother of the 220, the 2009 Wallace. The 2009 seems to be a bit of a slower starting seed. but once its up, Watch out cause its on...

4/11/2014 8:41:06 AM


Springfield, Missouri

I opened up one of the 220 Debacco seeds today. The endosperm only fills 75% of the seed cavity which leads me to believe there are lower concentrations of initiation enzymes/hormones, as they didn't have time to develop before the seeds were harvested.

4/11/2014 2:13:22 PM



It is over!

4/14/2014 12:12:25 AM

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