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Subject:  When is the best

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I started my seeds on may 15 last year!!! To late I know! What is the best date

3/13/2014 9:31:14 PM



end of april, acclimate them to the outdoors before you transplant.

3/13/2014 11:07:08 PM

Farmer Ben

Hinckley MN

Count backwards from your intended weighoff.
my 2 weighoffs are the last weekend of September and the 2nd weekend in October so I split the difference and count backwards from October 1st.
Plan 90-100 Days after polination (DAP). So polination should take place a week either side of July 1st
Plan 60-75 days of plant growth before polination. that would bring me back to May 1st to April 15th.
Then you look at your average last frost date. Mine is May 21st. I have to protect my plants from frost until 10 days after my average last frost date or June 1st. It easier to protect a smaller plant. Unless I'm growing in a greenhouse, it is better for me to start closer to May 1st.

now I cheat a little and generally start seeds April 21st, transplant to 7 gallon grow bags May 1st, move to my unheated greenhouses May 7th, and plant the 2-3 ft vine in the patch May 15th with 2 layers of floating row cover over hoops.

in Missouri, you should be able to start seeds April 15 in large peat pots or CowPots and transplant direct to the garden (with protection) within 7-10 days.

3/14/2014 9:53:07 AM

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