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Subject:  my 1894 mathison seed look wimpy, has flat spot

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Albuquerque NM

i got the seed in an auction, but it looks less filled out than other seeds.
does this meen the seed in immature? does it still have a chance to be a monster? thanks any help would be appreciated, as i"m only a 3rd year grower in New Mexico. I really want to crush my own state record, but I only have room for 1 small plant.

1/9/2014 4:09:40 PM

L-C cool T

Luskville Quebec Canada

i got one from the 1874.5 MATHISON , it almost looks empty ,
i am quite disappointed , hope it germinates

1/9/2014 4:21:58 PM


Albuquerque NM

I know how you feel, not what i wanted to see for those big $$

1/9/2014 4:28:28 PM



Be patient guys, sometimes thin flat crispy seeds are still viable (sometimes with good results).

1/9/2014 4:34:22 PM


President - GPC

Hey CoZy... Do you know Jannine Cabasol?

1/9/2014 4:53:20 PM


Albuquerque NM

i met her once at the state fair , but she lives in santa fe, i'm in albuquerque.
she's a great gardener. She is the only other person I know trying to grow giants in NM.

1/9/2014 5:07:18 PM


Torrance, Ca.

I received all Tim's seeds and though a little thin and potato chip like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

If you've planted the 1495,,, smallest, thinnest, tiny little seed with different colors on the tip,,,,,,

Boy,,, did that seed germinate and grow some real monsters!!!!!!

Be patient and wait to see what happens,,,,,, you could be very surprised!! :)

1/9/2014 5:07:24 PM


canal winchester ohio

Thin and or flat won't tell much. Just do a drop test on the kitchen table because that will give you an good idea if something is in there

1/9/2014 5:21:31 PM


Albuquerque NM

what is drop test?

1/9/2014 6:11:37 PM


canal winchester ohio

Drop a few good seeds on a table then drop one you know is empty. There is a distance sound between a full and hollow seed

1/9/2014 6:53:11 PM


canal winchester ohio

Distinct. ..stupid auto correct

1/9/2014 6:54:04 PM


Albuquerque NM

thanks but i have none that i know are empty

1/9/2014 7:29:26 PM



Ones that are filled drop with a more solid thud versus empty where they sound hollow upon hitting the table.

Unless its completely empty, which it probably is not, you should be ok. I've germinated when only half full. Only difference is the dot leaves are a bit smaller so once germinated it may pick up steam a day or two slower then the others.

Good luck.

1/13/2014 7:31:59 PM

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