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Pumpkin Growing in Europe

Subject:  Patch size

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Doncaster - England

I am growing in a 14' x 24' poly tunnel this year and wondered if I could grow 2 plants in it or is it only big enough for 1?

3/15/2011 2:48:33 PM



Humm that's just enough to grow a single plant.
(generally between 500 and 900sqft)

3/15/2011 6:36:12 PM

Smallmouth (Team BES)


Are you growing giant pumpkins? If so, Mehdi is right, but that would definitely suffice for one plant as plenty of growers are limited under 400 square feet and still produce nice fruit.

3/15/2011 7:34:13 PM

Dutch Brad


Your poly is about half the size of what is needed to grow one pumpkin properly. You could also consider scraping the pumpkin and filling the tunnel with large cucumbers, etc, etc, that like the heat :)

My greenhouse was just a bit too small for two pumpkins, so I got rid of one, enlarged the patch of the other and now use the piece left over for cucumbers, long gourds, carrots, etc.

3/16/2011 4:23:48 AM

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