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Subject:  HOws your stock doing?

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Simi valley, ca

For many yrs,,(yrs & yrs) stocks were doing very well ,, I am thinking of getting out , as the Circus of the financial genius is in town ???

4/3/2018 1:33:30 PM


canal winchester ohio

Stock talk always drives me crazy. Last night the local news was awash with talk of the dip in stocks. If the normal plays out tonight there wont be talk about a decent gain back today.
Lets look back at the last year.
Jan 6th 2017 it was 19,963
March 24th 2017 it was 20,596
May 22nd ..... 20,894
july 20th....21,611
Sept 6th...21,807
Oct 27th ....23,434
Jan 2nd 2018...24,824
Feb 27th...25,410
March 28th...23,848
And as I'm writing this it's up 384 points from yesterdays disaster at 24,020.
So the market has went from 19,963 last January to presently at 24,020 and that's bad?
I have NO education in financial management but that doesn't seem terrible.

4/3/2018 3:35:56 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Infrastructure company stocks/bonds, cyclical commodity stocks/companies, Canadian Bank stocks, technology companies, retirement Real Estate REITs, Home Improvement/Building Product stocks...all looking good with upward momentum and good long term prospects.

What do you think Luke? Good time to be in the market and hold?

4/3/2018 5:37:39 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

Well they say buy low, sell high. So if you bought while the marked was depressed under Bush and Obama and now your stocks went up, you could sell at a profit and thank the President's economic policies.

4/3/2018 6:43:43 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Iowegian, to give credit where credit is due, please read the attached link if you’d like to see how the market has done over the longer term. Your current leader can take no credit for International market over-performance and you will see that under Obama, his first year in office made the market move higher than Mr. T.


But yes, under Trump the American market is up, thanks Mr. T.

4/3/2018 8:08:00 PM


Anamosa, IA BPIowegian@aol.com

It wasn't hard for the market to go up after the mess that Bush made. Look at this chart: http://www.fedprimerate.com/djia-chart-history.htm It clearly shows sharp drops at the beginning and end of Bush Jr.'s terms.

I remember that the Dow Jones 1st topped 1000 when I was in college in 1972. That has increased by a factor of 24 since then. What is troubling is how sharp the rises and drops have been in the last 20 years. How bad will the next drop be? Will Trumps's policies cause a drop in more increases? It will take a couple more years to tell for sure.

4/3/2018 9:34:02 PM


Corryton, TN

Think hard before selling Fissssh
I think this is my first post on this board and probably my last.

Trading is how I make a living and so far this year has been the best. When people get all emotional and panic it's folks like me that make them happy and relieve their stress by buying their stock at the price they've agreed to sell it for. I calmly wait for the next guy to come along and give me a nice profit and let it go. I'm not the buy and hold sort. I suspect the S&P is going to drop a bit more to the 246-247 range. You've weathered the worst of the storm. Could I be wrong OF COURSE.
This is a choppy year for the market. They have always followed a parabolic year like last year. History repeats. Learn to grow your pumpkin(portfolio) under the weather conditions you have. If you want to be a swing or day trader learn when to enter and exit a trade. If your the buy and hold sort find a good mutual fund and sleep at night.

Been doing this a long time and who the president is hasn't and doesn't matter. What does matter is how much your willing to LEARN and DO with growing your pumpkin/portfolio.

4/4/2018 7:48:38 AM


canal winchester ohio

Exactly, thank you brother dave.

4/4/2018 9:41:15 AM


bliss,n.y.- heart of Wyoming County

we are in a deja vu of the 1920's

4/4/2018 7:27:23 PM



lolol dejavue of the 1920s. lolol!

That happened in 2007/8. The criminals who caused it have never been prosecuted.
Friends of Obama.

4/5/2018 10:20:21 AM


Cologne / Germany

The Lehman Brothers and the other investment banking vassals had been Obama friends? LOL !

4/5/2018 11:29:11 AM


Cologne / Germany

The stock market of today is the business of pubescent nervous brokers looking for the next Lamborghini at the end of each year.
They basically don´t care what really happens outside their own poor luxury life.

4/5/2018 11:42:01 AM



Ok Flo,explain why in eight years,,no one at Lehman,and the rest have been charged and prosecuted?
The evidence was clear.
Rahm Emanuel,I believe,showed Obama reasons to do NOTHING!

4/5/2018 4:41:00 PM


Cologne / Germany

It´s a long term job to accuse and punish criminal bankers. The same over here. It should be Trump´s job to do it instead of looking at what Obama did not.

4/6/2018 4:31:25 AM


Cologne / Germany

"If Iceland Can Jail Bankers For The Crash Then Why Can't America?"

Related article to be find at forbes.com
Trump still wants to play his role in the big business so I guess he doesn´t care.

4/6/2018 8:40:47 AM


Gays Mills, Wisconsin

for sale: 10,000,000 shares CMKX
the only stock I ever purchased :)
I'm sticking with pumpkins.

4/6/2018 1:58:04 PM



Long term job??!!! lolol
Well now,,,that explains why no one has been charged and prosecuted!!!
And yet Mueller(FBI) had experience back in the 1980s.
And only one banker went to jail.

This is why,,,,
Since 2009, 49 financial institutions have paid various government entities and private plaintiffs nearly $190 billion in fines and settlements, according to an analysis by the investment bank Keefe, Bruyette & Woods. That may seem like a big number, but the money has come from shareholders, not individual bankers. (Settlements were levied on corporations, not specific employees, and paid out as corporate expenses—in some cases, tax-deductible ones.) In early 2014, just weeks after Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Chase, settled out of court with the Justice Department, the bank’s board of directors gave him a 74 percent raise, bringing his salary to $20 million.

4/6/2018 10:06:42 PM

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