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Wednesday, June 21, 2023 Matt D. Connecticut

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Overall Plant: 1832.5 Graham ’20

The plant is looking great with basically only water being added up to this point via the drip tape.

Drip irrigation details…
Total of 48 lines each 31ft. long to cover my 40ft x 32ft single plant area
Drip Tape Thickness: 15mil.
Emitter Spacing in Tape: 8 inches
Flow Rate per 100ft @ 8psi: 20 GPH (or 0.34 GPM)
Space between Drip Tapes: 9 inches
Run Time: Daily for 15min. (*During the peak growth and heat of summer, an additional irrigation event for 5-10min. depending on the weather would be added.)
Estimated Water Usage: 100 gallons per 15min. irrigation over 1,280 sq.ft.

The chair with the white sheet has the June 14th pollination under it and the other chairs are used to shade the main vine and potential back-up female flower.

This is showing the traditional Christmas tree style method of pruning with the main vine running down the center of the structure and secondary side vines coming out at right angles to the main. All tertiary growth is removed as early as possible to minimize the wound sites and allow the plant to more easily heal itself.

It may be a little hard to tell but the secondary vines are also pinched at a point that (ideally) when the finished expanding end-up at the edge of the structure. The goal is to end up with a 30ft. (9.1m) wide plant with a length around 35ft (10.6m) or so.

Where the main currently is (under the chair) it will be turned 90-degrees and treated as a secondary once it makes the turn. Sometimes this is allowed to continue to run after it reaches the edge with some creative turning but this is just to keep it going and most likely does not contribute that much to the pumpkin as the main vine tip may be potentially 50ft. away from the pumpkin.

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